Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by kctjohnson »

Solomon is going to make a great Sam. I'm not sure exactly how I pictured Sam while I was reading the books except for the fact that he's sometimes stoic, sometimes super-confident (bordering sock-looking), and somehow good-looking. I think Solomon fits the bill and that's why Catherine was adamant about casting him.

I love that he's super smart (aren't most math majors smart? :lol: ), he's romantic (a guy who can write a poem like "Honey Rose" has got to be romantic), he's very loving of his family, and that he's really Native American (no offense to Taylor but I really wanted to see the NA boys take on these Quileute roles). I love the long hair on him too! I know it's supposed to be practically a buzz-cut, but I think the long hair is really quite nice on him. Well, Embry (played by Chris) also has long hair. :wink:

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Post by snarky »

I agree. I can't quite put it in words, but I've always envisioned Sam as having quiet strength and soulful eyes.

I think Solomon Trimble can bring these qualities to life and do a great job as Sam. You can see in the video that he has this silent intensity about him while reciting Honey Rose - a blend of intelligence, maturity, strength and love.

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i like solomon for sam, he seems like he'd make a great sam..i just wish he was younger..or younger looking anyways..i dont know :/
but im sure he'll do a great job..:)
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Post by ArdaSilverlace »

I think Solomon will make a perfect Sam! He's a natural leader. I just saw the Wolf Pack video and the entire wolfy, playful vibe I get from Solomon, Krys, and Taylor is incredible.
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OMG! I love how dedicated Solomon is to Sam!

I watched the Wolf Pack video this morning and lughed my head off! :lol:

He even learnt some of the Quileute language - that's impressive!

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Post by Bella_S_Black »

How old is he?
I think he's a great sam, I loved that lex vid!
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Post by snarky »

He just turned 24 last week (June 19).
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Post by Shortehlaurs »

After watching the Wolf Pack video I can say that Solomon will make a very good Sam. Honestly I'm not sure how I pictured Sam when I read the books myself, but Solomon seems to fit the part. Plus he even learned some of the Quileute language. So that's pretty cool.

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Post by artisticlicence »

having seen the video with sam and embry and jake at the end, i have to admit that solomon looks the part and he is so cool!! i reckon that the tribe is going to be great!! and the fact that he learnt some of the language just makes me anticipate this movie all the more, i cant wait to see what they're like!!!

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Post by cynic_romantic18 »

Yes, that video was so much fun to watch. I love Solomon as Sam. I think he is just perfect for the part. You know, for some strange reason, although I knew they all had long hair, I pictured Sam's as really short...I don't what I was thinking when reading New Moon....

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