Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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I think he's really good and if he reads this post there's going to be a temporary opening for a 7th and 8th grade math teacher at my school while the other teacher is on maternity leave.
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I like him...I'm not worried about it!
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Great interview, Cocoa!

How funny that he was accompanying his brother and they wanted him instead. He must've knocked the socks off the casting director, so that makes me excited. Hope his brother isn't mad at him.

I loved his comment that his sister screamed when she found out he was cast in Twilight...that he better not be Jacob! Too funny!

Poor guy just can't get any respect.

But I for one think he sounds like a great guy and perfect for the part.

Congratulations to Solomon.
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Wow I LOVE him! He'll be perfect. And He really knows Sam! Great interview Cocoa :)

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Thank you. Solomon Trimble is as real and authentic as it gets. He begins filming in about 3 weeks. I am completely impressed with him. Its easy to interview actors a truly talented as Edi, Justin and Solomon.

*This won't be the last one!
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:P I think he will be wonderful.He is a tatally new actor which makes it even better.He is exactly what I pictured Sam to look like.Im so excited this movie will be wonderful :)[/i]

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I LOVE him, he looks just like I imagined Sam; intimidating, brooding, isolated. And he's got great hair.
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i like him.he looks like sam in my mind.but,i realy don't like the ponytail.i like the fact that you can actually tell that he is native.GREAT INTERVIEW COCOA!!!!!!!i absoutely love it!!!
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I think that he will be perfect!! In the interview he described how much love he has for his culture and his family and it is very clear that Sam is the same way in the books. They are pretty much the same!!
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at first i was like..
NO he cant be sam. :evil: :x :shock:
but i dont really care anymore.
i mean, stephanie never described sam as perfect//goodlooking.
and plus i dont really care who plays the pack, because..
im team edward :lol: [/b]
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