Edi Gathegi as Laurent

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by TwilightObsessed »

I don't care what ANYONE else says about Edi...I LOVE him as Laurent. I love the old-school cravat. It rocks. Edi makes me want to wear one. :lol:

But seriously, it says something about his character. I know people are all, wtf? about the cravat, but I think it's pretty awesome. It says so much about the character by just being there.

And I love Edi's personality outside of his character anyways. I know people had expectations about Laurent, but he's brought this amazing, incredibly enthusiastic personality to him. (Need I remind you, "Black olives, anyone?" :lol:)

Edi rocks! Yay Laurent! :D

*runs off and tries to perfect saying "Laurent" like a French person*
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tiffi wrote:i kno a lot of people are happy with the 'diverse casting' but thats unrealistic in the suberbs. mine for instance is full of european-catholics or asians, and my friend has a community full of mexicans people, and i heard new jeseys full of greeks. i how it is in the city but suberbs tend to be repetitive. oh and i went to forks-ther all a bunch of unwealthy white people-please dont call me racist im jus being candid
i'm sorry, but this statement is pretty offensive. it's not awesome to make generalizations fact in any context. there's no fence in forks keeping all the non-white people out, and i'm sure there's at least a few folks there who aren't white. even if forks is less diverse than they're portraying, the whole country will be watching the movie where diversity may or may not prevail in their community. it sends the correct message, at least.

on another note, edi is even BETTER than what i pictured laurent as. his dreads = FULL OF AWESOME. i am so excited for him. his casting has made my day.
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Post by Cocoa »

I need you guys to click on my banner and Friend Edi Gathegi on MySpace! And tell your friends to friend him too!
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

^ i have now added him :)
I never really pictured laurent to look like that, but I guess he's ok
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

not how I really imagined him buy hey he looks absolutly fantastic in all the videos he's been in so far

I think he'll be great!

his dreads are totally rad
* wishes I had dreads like that *

I thinks its great they are going for a diverse cast
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Post by Minireb123 »

YAY! he has 1001 friends ialready =]

And after reading his interviews and blogs he seems like a really cool guy and a good actor. I'm glad he's playing Laurent now cause he really seems to like the books (he read the first two). Woot go Edi!
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Post by xNina »

Well, I didn't imagine Laurent as an African American, but I guess he'll do a good job. I hope. :)
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Post by Aerowyn »

I'm not feeling the dreads. He looks like the guy in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, the one that gets stabbed at the end? Yeah, so that's all I keep picturing.

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Post by ElanorLuinmir »

I was really happy they went with a non-Caucasian in this one. There are strikingly few 'ethnic' vampires... come on, Blade was badass and you know it.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I added his myspace!
and yeah, I think its good that they have vampires of different races.
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