Edi Gathegi as Laurent

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Edi Gathegi as Laurent

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Post by bandgeek9 »

Ooooh! I hadn't heard about this confirmation. I didn't see him like this in my heard, but then again, my brain tends to work in odd ways :wink: . I can't wait to see how he does in the movie!

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Post by methila »

ahhh, laurent. well, i like the fact they're diversing the characters. i've pictured laurent different, but edi will do fine. i've watched some videos of him and he looks like he can definitely pull it off, though, his accent annoyed me a bit, he'll do fine with it. the cast is going pretty well.
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Post by silvermidnight »

Everyone keeps saying "he isnt how I pictured him" Well.. thats because we all pictured him Caucasian. I'm not judging him on his acting ability tho. I'm sure it will work out some how.
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Post by irunwithvampires »

Stephenie has said there are Afrrican American vampires out there. I'm not sure what happens to their skin when they change. It probably gets paler, but you can still still tell they're African American. I know it's hard not to think about their looks when people are being cast for Twilight, and we should focus on their acting, but I know I'm not the only one who's hoping for people who can fit the right look. I'm fine with Edi playing Laurent...I know they're switching up a lot of characters who were originally Caucasian. But maybe it's for a good reason because if they just had a movie with all white people, and nobody else, then people might not like it either.

I saw a picture of Edi on IMDB and he had a fierce look on. A good look for Laurent. I also watched an interview with him, and the actor seemed like a nice guy who took his role seriously. So I'm just hoping he's a good actor.

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Post by xoxosu »

Well when Jasper spoke about the vampire who changed him, Maria, he stated that her features were clearly Mexican but she was still just as pale as the caucasian vampires around her. I think he'll do fine.
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Post by The Weasel »

It's Gathegi not Gathegl. I'm almost positive as that's how it's written in the House credits as well as how it's spelled on IMDB and almost every other site. It's kind of like the Rachel/Rachelle thing (where some sites were spelling it wrong) and I hate being nit-picky but as someone who has their name spelled wrong all the time I have to point this out.

I loved him on House and in Crank so I can't wait to see him in this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his eyes! It will be interesting to see how he looks though and I have full faith that they will do that well. As someone else pointed out, SM already answered that there were African American vampires (and, um, hello, Blade anyone? which I realize that's a totally different type of vampire but still) so they'll probably just pale him out a bit and add the sparkle. I have African American friends who some are much lighter than others so I can see it not being too big a deal.
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Post by XxaliceINdreamlandxX »

y'know, I never thought of him as black. But I love it! He has some of the fiercest eyes I've ever seen. I wonder, too, how they are going to do his skin effects. I do not think that the eyes will be that hard, seeing as to how they're already really amazing and fierce.

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Post by Bloodlust »

I'm still just happy they're making the cast more diverse! ....I love the concept of actually putting vampires of other races in the movie. It's funny because I thought Edi was going to play Phil, boy was I wrong...
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Post by scriptique »

XxaliceINdreamlandxX wrote:y'know, I never thought of him as black. But I love it! He has some of the fiercest eyes I've ever seen.
hey that was the first thing that I thought of when I saw that IMDB photo! Hopefully he can do some awesome expressive stuff with those eyes.

Even though, like everybody else, I thought that Laurent was caucasian, I reckon Edi'll make a good Laurent. He was good in House, maybe he'll be supercalifragilistic in Twilight!
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