Billy Burke as Charlie

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by littlemrscullen »

I always saw Charlie less handsome, lol.
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Post by hannahcullen »

perfect! he is just how i pictured him!

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Post by Gabbie »

It's funny,because he's nothing like how I imagined Charlie..but he's perfect. :D
I imagined him as like,an average height with a little beer belly and slightly balding. But Billy is actually perfect,lol! :D

I loooove this pic of him; ... c10d7e.jpg

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Post by xoxocamille »

Omg I never pictured Charlie to look like him! But I guess he makes a pretty good Charlie. We'll all have to see when the movie comes out! :D
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Post by drkavila »

This is sort of how I pictured Charlie. Actually to be honest, if there's any gossip girl fans out there, I pictured Charlie as Rufus (Jenny and Dan's dad) from the show. I guess you can say Billy Burke looks some what similar to him! lol
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Post by Angelas_A_Witch »

I think he definitely makes the cut.
[[Besides, we're supposed to be able to see (supposedly) what Renee saw in him, aren't we? I know it was mentioned.]]

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Post by Minireb123 »

Yea I always thought Charlie was a little overweight and maybe a little balding but not totally out of it. Billy should be able to nail the part though =]

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Post by Cheeky »

The Mustache!!!

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Post by ElanorLuinmir »

Yeah, I agree with everyone who says he's a bit more attractive than I pictured Charlie. I had a more balding, chubbier man in my head...

I hope they don't make him dashingly handsome in the movie... that would disappoint me.

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Post by morninsunshine »

He doesn't look like a hot shot city detective rather than a small town police chief. :lol:

like everyone else i pictured Charlie a bit heavy, balding, and having a appreciation for donuts and flannel shirts. But he seems to be a realllly good actor, and he'll benefit from the Twilight movies if there's a New Moon and Eclipse. He'll defiantly be able to show his acting skills in the long run.

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