Billy Burke as Charlie

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by kp~love »

look, i have my opinion and you have yours. just because mine is different doesnt make mine right or wrong.
on a different note, i do agree with him on ONe thing, at least.

I know that there are a lot of people who hold extremely high hopes for this movie to be as precise a depiction of the book as possible. I assure them all, everyone here shares in that spirit. I would only suggest to the fans that they open their imaginations to the film as freely as they did when they opened the book. If some things are there that weren't in the book or perhaps "missing", just embrace it and go for the ride, man. Understand that as hard as it may try, a motion picture can only be an adaptation. It can never be the book. Enjoy." -Billy Burke

sure, i am mad about the in the tree tops scenes, because they are BOGUS, but we need to keep this philosophy. and, there really is no amount of moaning and crying that can really change anything in the movie. so why not be positive? why not just accept it and just "go for the ride" . I just really hate those radicals who say HIS SHIRT WAS GRAY!! NOT RED!!!! WHAT HE NEVER WEARS SUNGLASSES!!! i am a HUGE fan, and i have read the books more than i can remember, but i understand this concept of adaptation. i just really hope there wont be any radicals in the theater to ruin my experience. any one agree?
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Post by FeelSickCaz »

I finally got around to reading his interview and I just want to say I love the guy. I think he is actually real and I can't wait to see him play Charlie. I found what he said about not researching for a role hilarious and perfect. This guy is someone I'd want to hang out with and perhaps have as a bowling league partner. :)
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Post by Demian »

when I look at him I have to realize how old I am :(
he's for my 'Charlie' too young, too handsome. I always pictured Charlie like a huggy-bear, a tat older than this actor and a more crumbled, but...I am optimistic that he will do a great job.

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Post by Modelisous »

I'm totally following what he says, when i go into that theatre i wont have my hopes held way too high or anything. I wont expect for the same as the book, all i'll expect is that it will adapt the many parts of Twilight i adore, to show the characters true to how they were written and keep the story the same. I wont walk in their going 'if they change anything i'm out of here!' because that kind of attitude helps no one.

Billy Burke, just seems so real, and down to earth. I think that quality is rare in an actor/actress, and i really do think that, that kind of 'not caring' aproach will work for Charlie - because to be blatantly honest, he's not as an in-depth character as so many others are...he doesnt need alot of work thrown in.
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Post by mrsjasperhale »

He's rocking the mustache.

Love. It.
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Post by zerolover34 »

i have to get used to his mustache

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Post by belle_flanders »

I like the mustache.
As Billy doesn't have the features of a father or a "police chief father" the mustache gives him a responsable look, and an older look, of course, I think Charlie is coming to his forties, don't clearly remember it, but anyway.... I would take a ride on his cruiser :lol:
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Post by The Weasel »

Did I miss something along the lines?

Did we get a picture of him in character...with a mustache?
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Post by florrie »

he's really not at ALL what i pictured for Charlie..he just doesn't seem...dorky enough lol for lack of a better word..

but i'm definitely open-minded to him's just a different interpretation than mine so i'm sure it'll be fine

overall: openminded and i'm sure he won't ruin anything
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Post by Emily_Jane_Cullen »

I think he looks really young :)

I actually think he's pretty cute lol! Is that a tad bit twisted??

Although, in saying that, I have to agree with kp~love .
I thought he seemed a bit...obnoxious in the interview. That didn't impress me :?
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