Christian Serratos as Angela

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by TheOriginalAlice »

Awesome! I think she'll make a great Angela. I haven't seen her act, but I know she'll do a great job. Although her name bothers me a teensy wee bit...the Christians I know are usually guys. :/
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Forevertopaz17 wrote:she seems like a really nice person and should do Angela nicely- I've seen her in Ned's Declassified and she's a good actress
By the way, is she a singer too?
and yeah.. well.. she has one song on her myspace page (i just went on it).

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AWWW! I love Angela!! She's sweet, understanding, cool, and an awesome friend.

Christian, I'm sure, will bring a lot to her character. I'm sure she'll do great.
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She'll be very good! I've seen some shows that she has been on, and she acted very well!



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christian as angela

Post by spiker21 »

she is only like one year older than me and that is crazy!!! but she is a really good actress and she is what i pictured angela to be and i give her all of my support and she will do awesome!!! :D
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Post by falsifiedsunlite »

I think she's adorable & she looks exactly like I had imagined Angela! She'll do a great job.
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Post by thelion_thelamb08 »

I think she'll be a really good Angela. I really like her in Ned's Declassified so i think she'll do a good job
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Post by Sugar »

Christian Serratos is just so pretty! I think she'll make a fine Angela~
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Post by ajm490 »

One of her favorite books is House of Leaves.

That automatically assures her awesomeness.
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Post by Charlotte B. »

I've read the Lexicon's interview with her, and she's perfect for the role of Angela!!!

She really knows the character, it's her favorite character!

I think she's going to have a good career, if she has been influenced by every movie, actor/actress...incredible!

I've seen her in Ned's Declassified and has done a great work portraying Suzie Crabgrass :D
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