Christian Serratos as Angela

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Christian Serratos as Angela

Post by Cocoa »

Discuss the acting of Christian Serratos.

Christian's MySpace
Christian's Blog She READS the LEX!!!
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Post by tainieponee »

i think she would make a great angela. ive seen her act before and i have complete faith in her.
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Post by zerolover34 »

i love her she going to be great she has read the books and she says she checks the lex so maybe she obbsessed as we are :)

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Post by Modelisous »

She'll be good as Angela - she seems caring and sweet - two things i always think Angela is!
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Post by sierra_blue »

She looks like she will be a great Angela, she looks like she has such a warm and friendly personality. I didn't have anyone in mind for the role but am very pleased with who they have chosen.
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Post by xoxosu »

She does look sweet and cute! She'll make a great Angela! Ahh, this anticipation is killing me. Can't they just film it and get it over with? I don't think I could wait until December! And all these new cast members!!
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Post by Forevertopaz17 »

she seems like a really nice person and should do Angela nicely- I've seen her in Ned's Declassified and she's a good actress
By the way, is she a singer too?
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Post by morgan13188 »

She is gorgeous! And seems so sweet. It doesn't hurt at all that she actually read the books and checks out the Lex.
I already like her a lot. I think she will be perfect for the part!
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Post by methila »

she's not exactly how i pictured angela but i'm sure she'll do an awesome job. she seems really nice too, so it'll be an easy role to pull off.
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Post by The Weasel »

I cannot express how happy I am that we finally have an Angela. She's my favorite character after, of course, Bella and Edward. When I first saw pictures of her on IMDB after that article I IMMEDIATELY thought she was Angela. She's perfect looking for the part, though I've seen a lot of the things she has been in, I don't remember her. I'm going to have to make sure to keep an eye out when they rerun on television.

For those who are wanting to watch her again, on the top of her IMDB page there is info on when her episodes rerun.

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