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Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by clearwater »

ashFLASH wrote:First off, I loveeee your avatar :D

But anyways, this is going to be difficult to explain.
It seemed like Alex was out of her comfort zone with the GG soundtrack.
Most of the time, she's way ahead of the radio, and picks songs that aren't big yet.
In GG, the songs she played had been out for months before the episode, and that really annoyed me

Does that make sense lol?
Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I hope she choses songs that haven't hit MTV yet. Actually, I hope she chooses songs that will never be on MTV lol.
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Anyway, yeah, it makes a lot of sense actually haha! At one point, I did get a bit annoyed with Shut Up and Drive, it was used over and over (and over lol) on GG.

I'm excited still! I think Alex will do a great job with the Twilight soundtrack :wink:
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Post by Forevertopaz17 »

I love the music selections for Gossip Girl, they fit in so well with what's going on in the show, so I think she'll do well with Twilight.

She's certainly going to have a challenge with Edward's lullabye though, won't she? :wink: That is, if they include it...
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Post by Dari »

lisajane wrote:As long as it's not an original score, I'll be happy.
I can agree with you a little here, lisajane. I definitely want one specific song in there, but I'd like to hear some original stuff. Or little-known stuff. I find movies that much more interesting if there's more original and less mainstream stuff.

-looks back over what I just typed- Hm, I hope that makes sense...
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Post by ashFLASH »

clearwater, I got SO annoyed in that episode too lol.

I guess it's different if you saw the teaser clips for GG back last April. Alex used totally different indie Grey's/OCish songs for a few scenes in Gossip Girl, and the vibe was completely different. Much better. Then she changed the indie songs for Fergie and Justin Timberlake.

But certainly, Twilight is entirely different, so she'll probably do much better than GG.
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Post by jennylecullen »

I would LOVE if they used Stephenie Meyer's soundtrack! I think it would be so cool and I know that almost everyone in the theater (myself included) would be singing along with it.

Unlikely... but would be awsome!

I hope at least that they have "why does it always rain on me" for the intro and "goodnight my angel" for the ending. That would make the movie absolutly perfect... not like that was in jepordy anyway!
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Post by aurelia94 »

hmmm - I have to say the music of Greys makes me gag ;\ I can't stand that soft contemporary bilge... I like a lot of The OC music - own most of the mixes - but if they put GG-style teeny-pop rubbish in the movie I may have to walk out lol...

None of these shows match the genre of Twilight though so let's hope she can adapt... and of course everyone will have a different opinion ;p Finally, I agree she should take some guidance from Stephanie's playlists (except for MCR - uch!)

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Post by Katrina_deDenali »

GAHH OME i lalalooove the songs on Gossip Girl!! ...for gossip girl. I ended up getting every song after each episode.

The piano piece is going to be a challenge though, it's gotta be original. Who's the guy who composes piano pieces for Tim Burton movies? They should get his help.

I think that whatever Alexandra Patsavas uses will be fine, but some songs from Stephenie's soundtrack list should be included - just because Stephenie knows her book/characters better than anyone else.
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Post by Queen_Of_Awkward »

Is it just me, or do you think it's funny that Stephenie Meyer used to watch Roswell?

And the music supervisor worked on it way back when? :lol:
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Post by ashFLASH »

I'll be so upset if they use Stephenie's soundtrack.
Not that I don't like it, but don't you guys want NEW songs?
I mean, the songs on her Twilight playlist are all really old and well-known, and I think it's time for a change.

aurelia94, aw, you don't like the Grey's music? It's my favourite, until a week after the episode, and the songs they played are huge. Like the Chasing Cars fiasco, I don't think I can listen to that song without cringing. It was good when I heard it on Grey's, but a month later, it was EVERYWHERE.

I do agree with the OC, I would love if Alex went in that direction; Rooney, Iron & Wine, The Walkman, and of course Death Cab. And GG, blah, I would leave the theatre if GG-esque music is playing. She screwed up with that show. But I've already said that like, 5x on this thread, so I'll shut up.
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Post by epic_twilighter »

Yea I want new songs too. If they used the old stuff I would be little bummed because the movie should do it's own thing. I love the soundtrach SM made but new music is more fun!

If the type of music from GG is in there I would be so sad :cry:. That type of music doesn't really go with the story at all so it would be a little weird. Alex has been really good about matching up the story with the soundtrack though, so I am really happy she is doing twilight. yay!!
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