Jackson Rathbone as Jasper

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

I love Jackson to play Jasper! He's so cute! And he will do great as Jasper. I can't wait to see him! But I don't really like his hair. . .
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Post by laffytaffygurl »

Jackson's hair bothers me

But that's me...
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Post by simplenerd »

Minireb123 wrote:Wow I've been re-reading Eclipse and I can totally picture Jackson as Jasper now!

Especially when he's telling his own background story =]
i agree....
you can picture him in the confederate uniform and all
honestly the hair only bothers me when i look at the pictures with the cullens walking. if you watch the behind the scenes it looks like his hair is more suited for him now
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Post by CliffDiver10 »

Joey115 wrote:
Ah yes, Disney 411! :lol:

Wow. "Jacksper" was so upbeat and bubbly... :)
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Post by emmett_<3 »

i actually had a dream about him.
it was amazing. <3
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Post by xoxocamille »

Omg no wonder Jackson looks so familiar!
I never realized that was him from the Disney 411 til now, LOL!
Must be his hair... he did change the color, haha.

Aw but he looks so upbeat and lively there!
Haha, he seems to have a really bubbly personality. :D
He's great as Jasper, although I do agree... why did they butcher his hair? LOL.
He's still awesome nonetheless. :D
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Post by ShopGirl3876 »

I am totally in love with Jackson! Everytime I watch an interview with him, I start to giggle. Forget Edward, Jasper is the man! I even set my DVR to record the O.C.! His episodes are going to air this month! I LOVE his deep voice and he's from TX too! I like his hair, it suits him! and his smile *melts everytime*. The one thing i've noticed in interviews with him, is the way he's always touching Alice.......are they dating?
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Post by Shortehlaurs »

I love Jackson and when I read that post about him being on Disney 411, I was like "That's right!" Haha. I remember him being on that now. I love his smile, I giggle and melt every time he smiles. Haha. That's so fan-girlish. I love that he's playing Jasper. I can definitely picture him.

And I don't think Ashley and him are dating . . . I'm pretty sure its for the fact that in the movie their characters are a couple. Well, I mean who knows maybe but I think it's more for the fact that their characters are a couple. They have to be comfortable with each other and such. Haha I have no idea what I'm saying.
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Post by XxVaMpiRegiRlxX »

Personally,I like him as a blonde.And yes he is very very cute.I love him as Jasper.I can really imagine him as Jasper.I cant wait to see how well he actually acts :D
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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

Jackson's hair in the Disney 411 videos is hilarious. What's up with him and hair? But I love Jackson and mean this in a completely loving way :D
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