Jackson Rathbone as Jasper

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by birdee18 »

Ooooh, me likes the looks of Jackson! I think he will be a great Jasper!
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Post by KiahKat »

OMG how HOT is this boy!!! :D

He does seem a little young looking to me for Jasper but will have to wait and see :)
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Post by niski »

umm...he's cute but he looks wayyyy too young for jasper. I don't know, he just doesn't look like a Jasper to me. Oh well I'm still positive and I'm going to keep my happy face on and by the time they are done with makeup and special effects and stuff it'll be fine. :)
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Post by TwilightPrncssB »

I like him! :) I think he will do a great job and he will look PERFECT with Ashley Greene.
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Post by Saiyachick »

He does seem a little wiry, but I like his acting. At least he could fit in.
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Post by Midnight_Sunshine »

I think that he will be a great Jasper! Maybe he should stay brunett. Or he could have lighter brown hair but not blonde.
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Post by emmmaaa&&& »

I think he will be AWESOME as Jasper!

Haha in chat today we pointed out that he looks a lot like Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects.

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Post by pinulia »

Perfect!!! He is very attractive, all the Cullens cast so far are very nice looking! I am so excited! Can't wait!
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Post by Gemma Cullen »

Um, I'm going to ignore that he's one of those Disney 365 people...that being done:

I think he's a good pick. He seems to have the right...air, I guess. It's also nice to have a vision of the third Cullen pair...I hope we get Emmett soon. I REALLY wish Jackson was blond, because so far, all three of the supposedly blond(e) Cullens have brown hair...this really irritates me. I know they can dye it, but still...

Anyway, I think he's my second favorite choice for a Cullen after the girl they chose for Esme. Rosalie and Alice were okay, but don't get me started on Carlisle.
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Post by neonsx »

When I first seen him I was totaly thinking of Jasper- he has the cute look I love lol :] I think I might of seen him in the OC, I'll have to rent it again and I'm not sure about his acting skills since I haven't seen anything but atlease he looks the part.
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