Peter Facinelli to play Carlisle

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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ticklemeedward wrote:I've always had a crush on Edward as a character, and none of the other guys, really, but with Peter as Carlise, now I have a chrush oh Carlise, too. xDDD
I always had a liiiiiitle bit of a crush on Carlisle, but not the same way as my crush on the boys, more like a patriarchal thing. Like 'Carlisle will make it all better' thing.

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I'm not sure if this has been said yet but I really like Peter in the role of Carlisle because he is genuinely enthusiastic about Twilighters. He is so welcoming on his MySpace. Not to mention, for those who have seen the Give Blood, Carlisle Would Approve MySpace, he was supportive of that idea as well. He is really committed to doing a great job so, he gets kudos in my book for that!
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I've always loved Carlisle's character in general and at first like many said, i didn't think that Peter was fit. Also right when I heard him cast as Carlisle I'd recently watched some as Facinelli's movies and I thought he wouldn't be kind enough.
But when you watch the Twilight tuesdays and any other Carlisle clip, he gives off a presence that he is Carlisle and there is no longer any doubt from me.

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Okay, i have to say Peter is perfect!!!!

When I first looked at the final cast, you know the promo shots, the only person who i thought actually fit their character was Carlisle. And he looks exactly like a doctor, or at least a doctor i would want....

He can actually pull off the blonde look, im happy with that.

Also, since i have seen some of his other works, i think that he will do fantastic in the film, and it makes me that much more excited.

Besides, he is pretty good yes i have started to crush on Carlisle...


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