Peter Facinelli to play Carlisle

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by TwilightObsessed »

I absolutely ADORE Peter as Carlisle. He just seems so passionate about the role, having read all of the books, and done research into Carlisle's past and what he must have lived through...He just seems SO enthusiastic, so ready, you can't NOT love and appreciate him, even if it's just for the sheer effort he's putting into the character. Not that there isn't SO much more to love him for...He's certainly going to make Carlisle a looker! :wink:

I remember when I first saw the promo pics, I was like, ":shock:...Holy crap, Peter looks like a blond, broody, Christian Bale-Carlisle." :lol:

Peter is SO perfect. I loooove him already.

Cannot freaking WAIT for 12.12. Uuuuugh. :cry: I'm dyyying.
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Post by Midnight_Fix »

I just read the interview Peter gave to Cocoa and I feel so good about him in the role. If every other actor takes their roles as seriously as he is about Carlisle then they CAN'T get it wrong. It's nice to know that the cast grasp how important it is to get these characters right and that they are dedicated in doing so. yay!
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Post by Modelisous »

TwilightObsessed wrote:
Peter is SO perfect. I loooove him already.

Cannot freaking WAIT for 12.12. Uuuuugh. :cry: I'm dyyying.
I totally agree, 12/12 seems like forever away.
Peter is perfect for this role, he's really handsome, and obviously very passionate and dedicated to performing this role with the upmost compassion he can. I can't believe he wasnt their first choice though! He just seems too perfect..he's definately Carlisle, 100%.
12.12.08 - the date.
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Post by Starless*Eyes »

I am thrilled that Peter was chosen to play Carlisle! :D he's very handsome and like someone else mentioned, that fact that he really has kids should help him dig deep into the role of Doctor Carlisle. As a father, he'll be able to show his love and affection for the rest of the Cullens on screen just as he would towards his family in real life.

When I first found out Peter was casted, I didn't reconize his name but brushed it off. A week or so later I watched 'Dancer, Texas Pop. 81' on TV, and ended up really liking it but I had missed the opening title so I had no clue what the movie was called. So, in my desperate attempt to search for the movie's title I searched an actor I knew in the movie and (after along time) found the movie. I then searched for the actor who played my favourite character, Terrell Lee Lusk (which happened to be played by Peter himself!) so I clicked on his name after finding him, read a bit about him and then my jaw literally dropped when I saw he was staged to play Carlisle in Twilight. Then I put the pieces together and was like "ohhh...OHHH!" I'm so happy, because I liked his acting in a different movie before I even knew he was in Twilight.
So at least I know he can act. Yay! =D
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Post by kp~love »

Carlise is one of my favorite characters, probably more than bella. I dont know why! i just love his deepness.. for lack of a better word. haha the relationship between him and edward is so intense and he is such a remarkable character. so then i hear that peter facinelli was playing him and, well at first i was really confused. i grew up loving cant hardly wait and i was like, wait what!? the jerk boyfriend who was a butt head and then the geeks got back at him by taking compromsing pictures of him and that kid from "Hook"? hahah so i was like, hmmmmmm i gotta wait this out. i am pretty open minded. and I was SET on someone else playing carlise, my love! SO, time went on and i really started getting used to the idea, and thanks to all the interviews with him , i can finally say i am so EXCITED for Peter to play him! he is starting to have the same charm that draws me to carlise. all the effort of studying and everything he puts forth to play an amazing person, it gives me goosebumps! so after the dedication i see from Peter and just the look of him, sure he is MUCH older than he should be, but its ok. i am ok with that, its a movie, but i am really looking forward to it! :) i am glad to say that now! he will be amazing!
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Post by MissJenna84 »

I'm just another with the general consensus!
Peter is going to ROCK the role of Carlisle!

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Post by Cinderella85 »

I wasn't convinced when I first heard they'd cast him for Carlisle, I think I only knew him from Can't Hardly Wait, and was just thinking "dear gawd no!"

But I warmed up to him, and since seeing that quick bit with him in the MTV clip, I'm sold! :D
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Post by Laurensgreenw/NV »

Oh Lord! I LOVE PETER HE IS PERFECT FOR CARLISLE!!! Sorry, but anyone who disagrees, I think is crazy! When I first saw his picture I was able to breath, they'd gotten it right, and I wouldn't have to look at a bunch of his other photos trying to convince myself that he'd be alright. I thought he was good before.... but then when I saw him blond! I said to myself ' Carlisle I thought you only existed in the imagination's of Stephenie and her crazed fans!' Of course I don't personally know Peter ( :( ), but from what I've read so far (and I've read everything legitimate that I can get mt hands on.... without breaking the law :wink:), he seems so.... Carlisley.... (thats not a word but it should be!)
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Post by EisleyGirl »

you took me awhile to recognize him from anywhere else... but i was shopping at virgin megastore and there in the $10 bin was Can't Hardly Wait. and i was in shock!

i remembered him then...that movie is so freakin funny!!!! :lol:

and then i remembered him from that one show...and then i felt better...

he looks so different now...but in a good way ofcourse!!!! :D
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Post by DazzledByTwilight »

At first when I saw him on the news blog with the stubble and beard. I was like "OMG. What. Have. They. Done." :shock:
But now I'm ok. He cleaned up nicely. :D

The only problem I have is that Elizabeth Reaser is 32 and Esme is 26. I guess she could pass as an older looking 26 year old, but, Peter Facinelli is 34, which is 11! years older then Carlisle is suppose to be. :shock: It's true that makeup can make you look younger, but, as he's 34, makeup can only go so far. :?

Esme and Carlisle are supposed to be plainly too young to have teenage children, as observed by Bella in the first chapter of Twilight. And Carlisle's age is the facor that affects how long the Cullens can stay in any given place and one of the reasons Edward gives Bella for leaving in NM. :wink:

*sigh* There's nothing much that can be done now. But personally I would have preferred younger actors. :(
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