Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by clearwater »

niski wrote:She is perfect. That is what she looked like in my mind except I pictured her hair a bit darker shade of red. But besides that she is just perfect for Victoria.
I 100% agree with this :) Her hair should resemble fire. But other than that, she's great.

How about acting? I haven't seen any of her films/shows.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

I've seen her in one thing. She was good. I'm excited and nervous to see what they have done to her part, though. She required a stunt double for her part in this movie. ??? You know the movies...
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Post by the_inner_bella08 »

I absolutely love her as Victoria! You can tell she can play a mean role. Has anyone seen her guest appearance on The Closer? She was really mean in that. I also love her comment on what some people are saying about her. "If you don't think I'd make a good vampire, come over to my house at seven when I haven't had my coffee yet."
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Post by happy_alice »

she looks too nice.
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Post by bunny99 »

I think she's a perfect Victoria, beautiful and lethal. That was a great interview with her, I love hearing about what other people are reading. I've read that book 'The Curious incident of the Dog in the Nighttime', it's great. There's another book by that author that is great too "A Spot of Bother". Anyways, I can't wait to see her in upcoming movies (if there are sequels).
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Post by Edward Love »

I think she looks soo i dunno i mean she isnt scary she is the little nice girl who lives next to you she has nothing scary of viktoria i mean they picked a perfect james but i doubt that she can be scary but i like her hair^^
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KiahKat wrote:I love the hair colour i just hope she can feral up (she looked a little to nice and happy in her pix) LOL :lol:
lol i love that "feral up" but yeah she does look nice i think she will be mucho sexy and feral in the movie tho...well im hoping anyway :D
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cullen crusader wrote:
KiahKat wrote:I love the hair colour i just hope she can feral up (she looked a little to nice and happy in her pix) LOL :lol:
lol i love that "feral up" but yeah she does look nice i think she will be mucho sexy and feral in the movie tho...well im hoping anyway :D
She can pull it off.
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Post by melnr »

What I think is interesting about Rachelle is that she has done so many interviews and really is becoming, in a lot of ways, the voice for the movie. She is quoted in so many interviews and it's interesting how often she is mentioned in things like that. I'm glad she's playing the role, it's her first big break-out role! And what an amazing role to get!
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Post by Minireb123 »

I have a question.

Why is she in the prom scene? Sorry if this has already been asked. She's a great actress for Victoria by the way I just hope she can pull off the crazy annoying Victoria in New Moon.
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