Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by niski »

She is perfect. That is what she looked like in my mind except I pictured her hair a bit darker shade of red. But besides that she is just perfect for Victoria.
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Post by Isis »

I love her hair!!!
lol shes going to do great!
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Post by greenmom77 »

I have seen her in the series What About Brian that was on ABC. I think it got canceled. I thought she was a great actress, and very beautiful. She played such a nice girl, I'll have to readjust my thinking now, I think she was a yoga teacher in that series. But she looks just like I pictured Victoria. Her hair is beautiful in real life.
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Post by vampireprincess »

It was really cool that they actually cast someone with red hair, as opposed to having to dye the hair of whoever happened to get the part. Rachelle is really beautiful. I can't wait to see her in the role of Victoria!
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Crazy out of control hair

Post by dazzled&breathless »

I agree wholeheartedly! Her hair is perfect, crazy and out of control like I always imagined Victoria.
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Re: Crazy out of control hair

Post by Justine »

dazzled&breathless wrote:I agree wholeheartedly! Her hair is perfect, crazy and out of control like I always imagined Victoria.
Definitely. Her hair is soooo great! Her face is pretty, too. Not really what I'd call feline but she can it off. I'm sure.

Go, Rachelle!

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Post by Cocoa »

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Post by imhuntingforwitches »

I absolutely love her hair! And if she can act, then I say slap on some red eyes and we have a Victoria!
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Post by Bloodlust »

I love her! She's very pretty!! She actually kind of reminds me of Stephenie Meyer with red hair!
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Post by belle_flanders »

I thinks she's perfect. Angel's faces can be scary too! :wink:
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