Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Victoria and James

Post by love_bites »

Victoria and James


Can't wait to see their steamy scenes together....I feel almost bad that James will die and Victoria will lose her head.
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Post by xoxgoodbye »

Wow, she and Cam look good together. I remember Big Wolf on Campus!
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Post by csr10 »

i definitely liked her but it is not possible for her to be prettier than ROSELIE (in this case nikki) i mean i really see her more as rosalie than victoria but anyway i liked her!
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Post by lisajane »


Though she is what I imagined Rosalie to look more like.
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Post by katiebella »

Bring on those red eyes and a snarl! She'll be great.
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Post by enfennemore »

I completely love her. She's perfect.
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Post by WhisperedMelody »

:lol: :lol: I'm really excited by this choice!! She's gorgeous, and even though she looks very soft in her pictures that I've seen, I think that she has real potential to look pretty fierce! I'm really happy with the cast so far
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Post by TwilightPrncssB »

I LOVE her! She is perfect! Love the hair too. :)
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Post by Mintymischa »

She looks great! I'm loving this girl for Victoria. And I'm happy they picked a real red-head too!
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Paradise Seeker wrote:Four words: Big. Wolf. On. Campus.

Totally what I was thinking. I'm not to sure about her. I didnt really like her in the things Ive seen her in. Just because she seems too fake. But I dont know, maybe she will be great. Ill keep my mind open. I think she is really pretty, but she just seems to young looking to be paired up with Cam.
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