Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Rachelle Lefevre to Play Victoria

Post by Be My Escape »

Place to discuss all things Rachelle Lefevre

MTV Interview
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Post by twilight_lover_1192 »

i think she's perfect as Victoria! They did a good job by choosing her :)
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Post by mrsjasperhale »

I agree.

One word.


The casting just makes me happier and happier!
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Post by TeamEdward »

The casting choosers are doing a great job, i have not seen her act but by her looks she is a victoria all the way for me!
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Post by ahlisten »

I really love the shade of her hair. I hope it stays that way for the movie.
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Post by vlo »

her hair is PERFECT!!!! :mrgreen: i can see her as Victoria. now i hope she can act well :?
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Post by SPARKLES »

Absolutely perfect! A spitting image of what was in my head! Love her!
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Post by KiahKat »

I love the hair colour i just hope she can feral up (she looked a little to nice and happy in her pix) LOL :lol:
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Post by Dreams_Beyond_Expectation »

[c]Another excellent casting decision!! She's perfect for Victoria.

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