Nikki Reed to Play Rosalie

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by hallmessuper »

Ok, so I personally think its sort of weird having 'Rosalie' in all these interviews. There aren't nearly as many with the main people like Rob or Kristen. Although I think she is perfect her hair lips, skin. AH so jealous.

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Post by morninsunshine »

wow, I didn't even realize the girl playing Rosalie was Evie from thirteen. She did a really good job in thirteen and considering she's a lot older now, I'm sure her acting skills have improved. I think Nikki will be able to pull off a pretty good Rosalie.

Not to mention the director and her have already built a strong relationship (they've been in a lot of movies together) so I think that will help in the long run.

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Post by Minireb123 »

Woot! She's awesome once again in the new Twilight Tuesday vid =]

haha I love how her Cullen Crest is a huge pendant (that kept hitting her in the face xD)

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Post by heartscreams »

hahaha! Minireb123, you're mean. i'm kidding. haha! pity her though, supposed to be the prettiest, yet get smacked by her own jewellery.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

hallmessuper wrote:Ok, so I personally think its sort of weird having 'Rosalie' in all these interviews. There aren't nearly as many with the main people like Rob or Kristen. Although I think she is perfect her hair lips, skin. AH so jealous.
It's probably because rob and kristen were busy shooting scenes
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Post by Luthyin »

I really feel for her because she's judged by so many because Rosalie is so beautiful so there are so many comparisons but I think she really pulls it off. Shes not exactly what I have imagined Rosalie to look like but shes pretty close.

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Post by nikkireedfan »

Hi everyone! I'm just popping in here at Nikki Reed's request, actually. :) I help run, and she contacted us a little while ago, asking us to help her spread a thank-you letter to her fans! She's very grateful for all the support she received during the controversy of being cast as Rosalie in Twilight:


Click the pic to see the big version. Hope it's okay to post this here! :)

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Post by Ostentatious6277 »

^^ Aww, Nikki sounds so sweet.

I love her as Rosalie. Her and Kellan have really good chemistry.

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Post by hum »

gosh....I just can't accept she's playing Rosalie!!!!! o.O the only ones of the cast I have trouble with is with Rosalie and Esme (Esme is just..weird, I don't know), I mean, I constantly see girls on tv and internet that look excatly as I pictured Rosalie (it's just so frustrating).

*sighs* but well, whatever, what's done it's done. the good thing is her chemistry with Kellan, and she seems like she's a nice person and good at acting. I'll have to get used to it.

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Post by SparklePixie »

I think she is fine as Rosalie. I wish people would just stop giving her such a hard time. No one could possibly live up to the standards of Rosalie in the book. Its like trying to find a Helen of Troy good luck on that happening.

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