Nikki Reed to Play Rosalie

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Nikki Reed to Play Rosalie

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Post by mrsjasperhale »

While I don't believe that she is the perfect-LOOKING Rosalie, her acting experience and the wonders of make-up and hair dye make me pretty confident that she will be awesome.

This was made by alex c98 on IMDB.

Hopefully, this will dispell any negativity coming her way.
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Post by xobitten lovelyxo »

I'm not too sure about Nikki Reed at all. Maybe I just still don't like her character from the movie Thirteen so I'm being a bit harsh, I just think they could have gotten someone much prettier and more talented than she for the part of Rose.
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Post by twilight_lover_1192 »

I agree with you ^
but lets hope she can pull it off... and make-up does wonders :D
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Post by Viry »

I think she's pretty and she'll be fine as Rosalie, if it's the brown hair, that can be dyed it minutes.
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Post by The Weasel »

I guess I'm on a different ship than most.
I think Nikki is incredibly beautiful but I find her talent and personality lacking. I just REALLY hope she proves me wrong. I'm willing to keep an open mind when I view the movie.
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Post by Paradise Seeker »

I'm not sure about her... but we'll see how she pulls it off.
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Post by TeamEdward »

hmmm im not so sure either but we'll see she just needs some attitude( i dont know if she has any or not) and some blond hair!
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Post by ahlisten »

I just hope it's not any sort of "nepotism" (wrong word, but I hope you get the idea) since Catherine Hardwicke has casted her in Thirteen and The Lords of Dogtown. Her features don't exactly match the way I imagined Rosalie's to be, but hopefully her acting will push that out of my mind once the movie comes out.
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Post by vlo »

she's ok, but is the hair that's not allowing me to visualize her as Rosalie, but that can be solved. I just hope she can pull it off as Rose. :|
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