Ashley Green to play Alice

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Ashley Green to play Alice

Post by Be My Escape »

Place to discuss all things Ashley Green as cast in the part of Alice Cullen.

Important Sites:

IMDB Profile
Twilight Moms interview With Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene's official Myspace

Up Coming Movies:

Radio Free Albemuth

Youtube Links:

Ashley Strikes a Pose


In King of California with Michael Douglas

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Post by LostInThought »

I cannot express how happy I am with this casting! She's perfect for Alice. :D I can't wait to see what she looks like with the short, spiky hair.

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Post by The Weasel »

Out of the entire new list just given, she's the only one I like. Ah well, at least they got one. I think she definitely looks cute in the way I picture Alice. I never had a defined vision of her but after seeing her picture she definitely fills that void.
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Learning to Love Green
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Post by LostInThought »

She looks really... angelic, almost. Which is perfect, because Alice always looks like she's dancing around, rather than walking. She'll make such a cool vampire.

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Post by xEclipse3 »

out of the new cast given, she's my definite favorite.

she's perfect. i mean, she's GORGEOUS.

i've never seen any of her projects, but if she was cast, she must've been very good. so, i am very pleased with summit's alice. : D

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Post by fantasma »

I have never seen any of her work, but she is EXACTLY how I pictured Alice in my head, but without the short, spiky hair.

I love this entire cast more and more each day. I have yet to be disappointed. :D
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Post by mrsjasperhale »

I think she is absolutely perfect. I didn't have a favourite actor before for the role, but now I'm completely convinced that no one but her suits Alice. Do you think they will cut her hair?

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Post by Viry »

Wow. She looks very vampire-ish!
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Post by Cullen.Hale.Love »

Give her that short pixie hair and I think she is perfection!

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Post by Paradise Seeker »

Perfection! She's exactly how I pictured Alice!
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