Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by TeamEdward »

When reading Twilight i never had a real image of what some of the minor characters looked like, but he seems like he could play a good Eric, Im just so exited to see who will be playing the Cullens!
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Post by piperchick »

I agree with the others in thinking that they'll mush Ben/Eric together. But does that mean maybe no Lauren? I dont know.

I saw on Justin's myspace how funny he naturally is. I think he can pull of geeky well. Just hoping he's slightly better than his Nick gigs.
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Post by kvampireloverr »

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: . Tht is a hilarious Eric!!! He can totally look nerdie, and pull it off. :D :D The characters are coming really good so far
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Post by edwardssecretlover »

His face and look is perfect, though i originally pictured Eric with short spiky hair (no clue why) i think he'll be great, his face is exactly the way i pictured Eric, just sweet/dorky enough!!
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Post by Czarina »

Aww, isn't he a cutie? I can totally picture him as Eric. What a great unknown talent to find. My little cousin says he's quite funny on his show on Nickelodeon.

I have to be honest though and say that when it was announced that he was going to be in the movie, I originally thought he had garnered the role of Ben Cheney. Having him play Eric is alright with me, and I'm all for it! My sisters and I even had a good giggle about how Hollywood approaches books to be turned into movies. I can just imagine the casting director muttering, "Hmm, Eric Yorkie, smart, friendly, nerdy-type... let's make him Asian!" (please don't send me nasty PMs, I'm an Asian myself and just making an observation on type-casting...and I'm pretty positive that's not what happened in reality). But I'm glad that the casting directors are mixing things up. All the cast members in the film have been pleasant surprises so far... can't wait until they announce some more. Please feed my Twilight thirst!
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Post by CSJ »

you know I think that, alot of the other people are right.
I think that they combined 2 characters from the book into just one character for the movie.

I don't know how I feel about that yet but I love the castings so far!.
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Post by vampireprincess »

Congragulations to Justin for being cast as Eric Yorkie in Twilight

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Post by Saiyachick »

All I can say:

THANK you Summit for putting some diversity into the movie. I think it is just splendid that there is more of a variety.
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Post by SPARKLES »

piperchick wrote:I agree with the others in thinking that they'll mush Ben/Eric together. But does that mean maybe no Lauren? I dont know.

I saw on Justin's myspace how funny he naturally is. I think he can pull of geeky well. Just hoping he's slightly better than his Nick gigs.
It would have to mean may be no Angela if they meshed those two characters together. That would be a shame though to cut out the only real female friend Bella had besides Alice. I hope they dont do that! I like this Eric though, I think he'll be great.

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Post by Cocoa »

Read the wonderful new interview with Justin by bellaandedward.com

Go easy on their server though, they aren't as big as we are and they are already going slow.

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