Cam Gigandet as James

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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As I posted in the James forum, I think Cam Gigandet as James is absolutely perfect!!! If you have seen the OC or even Never Back Down then you know this man can play creepy, bad, and evil very well. a little too well. And I think he is absoultely gorgeous, well that is without the pony haha.

I know he will do a good job portraying James. Mmmm, its sad that one of the hunky guys gets cast as the villain.....

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how do you prenounce his last name? "Gigandet" hmm, i was thinking it was pronounced something like a Jake "Gyllenhaal" thing.

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I'm uneasy about this guy. His acting, along with a few other things in the scene, were pretty awful...he seems very soap opera-y to me :?

Not saying that he will ruin the movie though. If his acting isn't great, it doesn't matter because this will be the only movie out of the series that he's in. It would've been pointless for the studio to invest in an actor with talent.

As far as villians go, I care more about the acting Victoria or the Volturi.

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