Cam Gigandet as James

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Cam Gigandet as James

Post by PEL »

Place to discuss all things Cam

Cam Gigandet's current projects include Never Back down (see trailer below), Pinkville an Oliver Stone project and Making Change.

Never Back Down Trailer

The OC

The OC 2

The OC 3

Pictures of Cam

Cam's IMDb

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Post by Twilight<3 »

Cam is absolutely gorgeous and even though James is supposed to look average, Cam looks just like how I imagined James. I can imagine that he will be fantastic in the movie because in the OC, he acted "bad" really well. I'm so excited to see him in the movie!
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Post by EllieCullen »

I think he will do very well in the actions scenes. He seems to be quite buff.
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Post by xoxgoodbye »

I'm actually kind of glad he's playing James, I'm also quite weirded out because I imagine James to be average looking and not buff- well Cam is kind of the opposite of that. I watch The OC and he plays the bad guy really well.
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Post by LostInThought »

I'm starting to really see him as James, and even though I was rooting for Cillian Murphy, I think he'll do a good job. When I first looked up his picture, I was sure he had been cast as Carlisle until I read somewhere that he was playing James. Now I'm curious as to who they'll cast as Carlisle.
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Post by morgan13188 »

I had no clue who he would cast as...I was thinking maybe Jasper? But then when I heard James it was just like..."ahhh", sigh of relief. I have never seen him on the OC but I trust everyone who says he can pull off the bad-boy/evil vibe. It's so exciting we're finally getting to see who is going to be playing these people that previously we only saw in our heads. And how names are starting to be realeased a lot quicker now.

Edit: I do agree with xoxgoodbye --- I didn't picture James as buff or good looking in the slightest, just extremely ordinary. That's why I didn't pick him out as a James immediatley.
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Post by illusionsofLIES- »

I have never seen him acting before but when I looked him up on YouTube & saw his vids, I thought he was really good! In a way, he does fit the role of James!

When I saw a picture of his on the web, he had this really... I can't really describe this... Smug. He had this totally smug look on his face that really fit into James' character! He really had it down pat!! :)
Anyway, I'm really glad that they've casted the more major people. Waiting for the rest of the cast to come out! :D
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

I think he will be a good James. I always pictured him as buff. And he just looks like James would too, you cannot even begin to describe it, so i'm excited.
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Post by Isis »

wow, thats all i can say. LoL he is very very goodlooking.
did i mention very? lol anyways when i first heard i didnt know
who he was playing so i pictured jasper, seeing that james was supposed to just be average looking.

i then got to thinking, if James is supposed to be average looking and the cast Cam, who is very very not average looking
then, can you imagine how goodlooking the cullens are going to be! Im sooo stoked!! Great casting job!
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Post by methila »

wow. i've never pictured james as buff or that good looking. but damn. if this guy is going to be playing james, who is suppose to look average, then yes, imagine how good looking the cullens would have to be. i think he'll do a good job. again, i've never seen him act so by what everyone else is saying, i'm guessing he's good at pulling off a bad guy role.
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