Cam Gigandet as James

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by Only_Hope »

I hope he is a good actor. I've only seen him on the OC and that was as the sterotypical bad-boy.

I wonder if he can trade bad-boy for just an evil monster.
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Post by KiahKat »

I thought at first that Cam would be WAY TO HOT (fans herself to cool down) to play James, but after looking at some of his pix on imdb (having to restart the fanning process again) i really think that he will fit the part well.

And i guess since when has being too hot ever been a problem on the big screen :D
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Post by Mintymischa »

he's got that bad boy quality alright!
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Post by TeamEdward »

When i first seen his picture i thought he would be playing Carlisle, then when i found out james that fit too, he seems like a james and he can act well O.C anyone?
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Post by ChelseaBelsea »

I couldn't imagine him as Carlisle!
To me, he looks like the type that will be kind but then if you annoy them, will knock your block off. So to speak.

They did a good job at casting him as James I think, overall. :)
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Post by piperchick »

Whew. They picked a hottie for James, huh.

When I saw his picture I was like, wow... do they expect us to hate him when he's looking like that? :lol:

I can totally see him as a baddie. I havent seen any of his acting (not a big fan of the OC) but he looks scheming and manipulative in some of his 'action' photos. I think he'll do great.

Can't wait to see his chemistry with Victoria. Wow.
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Post by Kissa »

I loved Cam in the OC. Not his character, but him, his person and his acting and yeah. I just really got a liking for him. And I'm with the general consensus here: I was convinced he would be Carlisle or someone when I first saw the news! James wasn't even in my thoughts for half a second. He will of course make it work, he's an amazing actor so it'll go smoothly. But I still don't get it. I saw James as plain too, and Cam... *fans self* Whatever he is, it's definitely not plain! :shock:
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Post by MidnightsFire »

Gosh he is so cute! I haven't seen him in anything else, but he looks perfect for the part! By the looks of Imbd he has a long rap sheet so I am sure we will get the acting down well too :D.
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Post by kvampireloverr »

Hah this boy is cute. Well he isn't a boy, but you guys know what I mean. He's really tan I wonder if they'll put some kind of Hollywood makeup to make him pale or something haha. Overall i think they've made a good choice
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Post by Be My Escape »

I think the main thing to keep in mind is that James is plain looking for a vampire!! So while Cam is very good looking and James isn't described that way he should still look better than the humans, in a creepy evil sort of way. And I will say that Cam did evil, crazy, bad boy pretty well on The OC.
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