Kristen Stewart as Bella

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by ForeverLove »

Yeah, thats the one downside to Kristen. She may be all tough, and strong, and she looks pretty stubborn, like Bella. But Bella is also a very sweet loveable character. I hope she can pull it off. I can't really see her doing it though. She doesn't look awkward enough for it either, you know? Bella is clumsy, and Kristen doesn't look like she would be like Bella, blush, look sheepish that kind of thing. She looks like she would be completely mortified about it. Haha. But anyways, I really hope she can pull it off. She must have a lot of pressure to do this too, considering how many fans there are witht he Twilihgt series and all. Wow.

And agreed, Edward is going to be the make or break decision of this movie.

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Post by white_rose_at_twilight »

Shes not perfect, but she does look a lot like Bella. I would think she could pull it off since stephenie seems to think she could do a really good job
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Post by Xx_Twilight_BE_xx »

Kristin was my second choice for bella so im not THAT disappointed.I know she's a good actress so im not too worried about it.All in all im excited.I'm just excited to know they are already casting!can't wait to see who will play edward!
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

I didnt actully have a pick for Bella(Trying to keep the expectations low) But I am really glad they picked Kristen Stewart, she's young enough to play the part :D

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Post by LuckyBella »

Lena Bergel wrote:
It takes a bit more work for me to see her blushing and shy and sweet, all in love with Edward. She seems somewhat serious and tomboyish most of the time, not really... soft as I pictured Bella. but I'm hoping she can pull it off well enough.
I know exactly what you mean! I haven't seen her in anything, but everyone seems really positive about Kristen, so that gives me hope. I just really hope that she's at least read Twilight.

And so now we wait for Edward to be announced...
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Post by Mary Alice »

I'm excited about Kristen, I didn't really know anything about her until she was cast, but I have faith that she'll do well, I think she'll pull it off nicely.

Also, since she is a little taller than Bella is suppost to be it'll make it easier to cast an Alice that actually looks as small as she's supposed to be.

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Post by Puzzie219 »

Wow this makes me really excited. I think it was smart of the filmmakers to pick someone like Kristen. She's a good actrist and I think we can trust that she will play Bella well. I'm so glad they didn't pick someone overly famous either. I can't wait to see who they will cast for the cullens!

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Post by Blissfully_His »

aww!!! I know the feeling! I was pretty much exploding since I didn't have anyone to tell that would actually care. Because this is such a big deal. I kind of just realized after I found out Kristen had been cast that they really are making a Twilight movie. I mean, I knew, but I didn't know. lol. does that make sense?
Haha I was telling my grandma about it...that's how desperate I am to talk to someone. And, yes, that does make sense. It really doesn't hit you until you see the picture of Kirsten whose going to play Bella.
I am in the same boat.
Well lets scream together! :D
Yes, let's def. scream.
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Post by Juliet »

I didn't think I'd ever say this -but I'm actually very happy with he casting! I always pictured bella a little softer looking (not like as in fat...but just facial structure) but that is a trivial detail and i think that Kristen is an excellent choice. She has the acting chops and the "normal teenager" kind of look -now i just can't wait to see Edward!!!!
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Post by Silver.Insanity »

I'm just really excited about it. I don't watch movies much, so I was like, "Who's she?"

But she apparently has great potential, so I'm not complaining.
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