Kristen Stewart as Bella

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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kirbymoe wrote:
I think a large part of how well she plays Bella will depend on the Edward - her and Adam Broody simply clashed with each other. Maybe if he was I personally loved him in the movie, and no I did NOT watch the OC. But hopefully she and the unnamed Edward will suit each other on a more primary level, in order to make the whole "love thing" more real.
Excellent point! Often they will try to have actors read with each other to see if they have chemistry together. You can have two brilliant actors who together have no chemistry whatsoever and vice versa.

A great example (in my opinion) of actors who have chemistry together is Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line vs. not a lot of chemistry between Joaquin Phoenix and Bryce Howard in The Village.
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I know, I think Kristen Stewart looks exactly like Bella(at least like the Bella I imagined)! And what's even better, she is also a great actress! the movie people did a great job. We'll just have to hope they get Edward right as well... :wink:
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I haven't posted on this board in a very long, long time, but I just heard about Kristen playing Bella and, seeing as she's always been my first choice, I gave and excited squeal and decided to post about it.
I think she's the closest to a perfect Bella that we're ever going to get. As far as looks go, she's pretty, but not overly so and really doesn't need all the makeup actresses seem to feel is mandatory(I know, I'm a hypocrite, I love my makeup). She has a lot of similar facial features to the way Bella is described. And as for acting, which is the REAL thing that people should be judging one, I think she's been phenomenal in everything she's been in. I think she's a great rising actress. She reminds me a lot of Hilary Swank, for some reason. *random idle comment*
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Although I pictured Bella a bit different Kirsten should do fine. Change her hair and she could do it. Even though she's not what I expected, I'm still going to see the movie. I've seen her act in one film so I'm not going to judge her acting. As long as she's covered in that department then everything should turn out fine. Good luck to her!

Now as for our dear Edward, I'm sure we're all going to be biting our tongues until we find out the results.
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you know what i agree with you all. there are some that are not happy. i think kristen will do fine she is pretty much what i pictured as bella. and i know they willl get edward right. i just cant wait till they announce who is playing him.
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Oh my gosh. This is starting to seem so real. We have so much to look forward to over the next couple of years between the books and movie!!

I wasnt too familiar with Kristen Stewart's work so I got on Youtube and checked her out. She is amazing! I had forgotten about her in The Messenger. She is a great actor and that is the most important thing. She is a serious actor, not just fluff. She is pretty but not over the top which is perfect for Bella. I am even more excited now! This is great! Now we have something else to keep our minds occupied over the next few months while we await Breaking Dawn! I can't wait to see who is cast for all the others!
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gaaaaah i'm still trying to calm down from the initial shock of reading the announcement 30 minutes ago...

kristen stewart, in her films, has mainly demonstrated the ability to play the role of an extremely difficult, angsty, stubborn teenager. yes, bella can be stubborn and difficult at times, but not to the extent that kristen comes across as in most of her parts. seriously, she looks like she wants to kick someone's butt. all the time. even when she's smiling. in every movie i've seen her in (the messengers, speak, zathura, panic room), she just acts immature and surly. maybe she's capable of something different, but based on what i've seen, i'm not optimistic.

the other thing is that every time she's around a boy in a movie, it looks awkward. i keep trying to picture her with different actors, and it doesn't seem like she could have chemistry with any of them. i'm depressed now. i guess i was just hoping that bella would be a bit more... feminine, i suppose.

oh well, i don't have any choice but to give her a chance, right?
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Wow :shock: They have already cast Bella ...
They are really going to make the film, and soon!! :shock:
I´m so nervous...
But for now I´m happy with Kristen, I haven´t seen any of her films, so I can´t say anything about her acting, but she looks close enough to the Bella in my mind, so I have no protest on that side... and everyone says she´s a good actress so I´m optimistic...
Just very nervous... this means that they are going to tell us who Edward is going to be soo. Doesn´t it?
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I'm so happy! I never really chose one person that I thought would be a perfect Bella, but I think they've found her. She was amazing in Speak. Can't wait to see who they cast as Edward!
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So I said before Kristen was pretty, but she is beautiful. I don't necesarily see this as Bella (though I see this as Bella's hair.) I'm so excited over this casting choice, I just can't calm down. I went ten minutes ago to rent Speak, even though I have exams next week and desperately need to study.[/url]
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