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Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Cambria wrote:well, if they filmed on any day in the winter there would be a very slim chance that it would be sunny. like now. it's hardly ever sunny in the winter here. just alot of rain, sleet and snow that doesn't stick long enough to have snow days off from school very offten. and plus if they filmed in the forest, depending on where they were, it would be mostly shaded by the canopy anyway. but the sun through the tree tops does give off an eerie emerald glow, as described in the book more than once. it's beautifull, really... :wink:
hooray for snow days =) schools were closed here at my area on the first day of the 2nd semester! bahahahaha
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xoxgoodbye wrote:hooray for snow days =) schools were closed here at my area on the first day of the 2nd semester! bahahahaha
'Bahahahaha' back atcha! i'm already out of school!!! :D :lol:
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I've got family in Oregon City! That's so crazy to think about!

Honestly, Washington is about the most boring place you could ever visit. I lived there for 14 years and nothing ever happened. Then five months after I leave, I find out they're filming my favourite book a short drive away.


No honestly though, it's absolutely GORGEOUS in Washington!!! The film is going to have some spectacular scenery! Get ready for it!!! :D

And hey, when the film comes out, I'll have a whole DVD to watch that will remind me of home...and make me happy because it's Twilight!

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So what about the parts of the film that are supposed to take place in Phoenix (Arizona)? Does anybody know if they will be shooting any of those scenes anywhere in the actual Southwest?

I realize that it's such a drastic visual difference from Forks, Portland, and Vancouver... extreme wet rain, to extreme dry heat. But nowadays they can do so many things with movies.

I would love it if, let's say, they shot at Sky Harbor Airport, or somewhere on the actual Cactus Road where the dance studio is supposed to be. Maybe even a driving sequence with Alice and Jasper, with the desert and those famous Arizona sunset/sunrise skies in the background. I want some of the filming action down here too! :D

Keeping my fingers crossed that they'll come visit Stephenie's home state. :D
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Post by prophecygirl »

I'm really looking forward to actually seeing Forks on screen... it's probably the only way I'll ever see it :lol:
thanks to coccy @ LJ.
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Post by lighteningstar »

i am glad they have chosen to film twilight in forks :D its going to to be amzing
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Post by lighteningstar »

and its the only chance i am going to have to see forks :D
"Honestly, though, why do you read it over and over?".
"To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."
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Going 'hunting'...

Post by krazyrach »

My friends and I are going to try to find where they are shooting tomorrow!
I'll post if we get lucky. :D
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Post by Runs-with-VampiresX »

Actually,they are substituting Forks with Vernonia,Oregon for film shots. How do I know? Not only did I read a article,on Hollywood Reporter,but Vernonia is where I live.

I literally had a heart attack when I read about it.
I'll make sure to take pictures!

Vernonia is small and rainy. So,no worries folks.
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When I read the "urgent casting notice" on the news blog Friday, asking for old cars that were available this week for the filming of Twilight, I snapped a picture of my son and daughter next to our 1978 Ford Pinto and e-mailed it to Extras Only. They called right back! My daughter and I are driving the car up to Kalama, Washington this evening and she has been hired as an extra! We are so excited!

The information Extras Only sent to Jennifer is very interesting. For example:
--Punctuality it a must. They will dock your wages if you're late! You have to be in the school cafeteria at 5:15 am every morning.
--Extras have to bring at least five or six complete changes of everyday casual school clothes (no logos, avoid lots of white, black, red, bright or busy patterns, stripes or prints).
--Girls should bring skirts and flip-flops if possible, and everyone should wear thermals to keep warm, as well as bring coats, jackets, raincoats, etc.
--In big capital letters: "This is a closed set!! No visitors!! No exceptions! Ever. No cameras. *Expect long delays. Please do not ask 'Time Questions' on set. Must be completely available for entire long days!!"
--Parents are not allowed on the set :cry:
--Extras are encouraged to bring QUIET ACTIVITIES to occupy their time in between scenes while in the holding area.

The On-Set Rules:
1. Always be quiet and listen very carefully on set. Big ears, big eyes, low voices!
2. Do not look in or at the camera! It's very obvious! Stay in your character.
3. Never talk while filming unless directed and always whisper around set.
4. Cameras are stricly prohibited on set!! You are a professional, not a tourist!
5. No autographs and do not try to befriend cast and crew. Be a pro, not a fan.
6. Never bring friends or family to the set with you for any reason.
7. Always bring something quiet to occupy wait time--keep cell ringers off!!
8. Stay attentive, nearby, never wander, check in/out and use common sense.
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