the look of the cullens

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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the looks

Post by Songsinmyhead89 »

wow. see im the exact opposite when it comes to the fangs. i think they should have them, its a vampire thing, or else i can't really consider them vampires but im also pretty much a die hard horror film person and i watch vampire/werewolf movies all the time. i know their not in the book, and i can't remember if it says they don't have them or if she just never mentions it, but im all for fangs (not tryin to make people mad, thats just how i pictured it). and two other things; i hope their super pale, and that they have dark purple like bruises under their eyes because i know it said that in the book. im just afraid the vampires will end up looking too normal and not out of this world beautiful as their described.
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i do have to disagree with songsinmyhead89 on the fangs part....i dont think they should have fangs...they dont use them in the books unless they are hunting and seeing as Twilight is from Bella's perspective and she nevers sees them hunt...she should never see the fangs.
Also..i really dont know what all of u are seeing in the pictures. The actor casts as Edward is pretty good...not my exact image of him, but close enough...and bella, esme and charlisle. I think they got Emmett perfectly though.
But i feel the other cullens are just disappointing. Jasper is the worst. and I love alice, but that is so not how i picture her in my head. and as far as Rosalie. From her discriptions in the books she is supposed to be THE most beautiful...just unbelievably beautiful, jaw dropping beautiful, and i didnt get that from the tester pictues ive seen. I really hope they get them up to the book's standard b/c SM made it pretty hard to cast with the characters being so perfect. Anyway, that's my feelings on what i've seen of the casting so far...but as a positive, i do love the contacts..i just hope they show the color change in the eyes when she meets edward...they dont really need them anywhere else..that's too much to ask for...but at least when she meets him in science....that would be great. I hope u all feel where i'm coming from...
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yeah definitely noooo goth. I will go ape shoot and raid Hollywood j/k but seriously :evil:

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I'm sooo glad that there is nothing obviously gothic about their clothes etc, I HATE how vampires are stereotypically gothic lol.

I think Rob is perfect for the role of Edward, he is very close to what I imagined Edward to look like (even the voice, although without the American accent. When I read Twilight they still all sound English to me :?) The girl who plays Alice is spot on too I think.

I'm still worried about Nikki Reed though...she just doesn't look so strikingly know?!? Don't get me wrong, she is very pretty but I just imagined someone...better...that sounds harsh. But I suppose they would never be able to find the absolute perfect Rosalie.

Jaspers is sexy. 'Nuff said.
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have any of you seen the picture of the cullen gang sitting at their lunch table? its in popstar! magizine. ... at=0&pos=2

i absolutely love it!! they look totally perfect together....way movie star-ish. and their clothes are nothing flashy, but nice and expensive looking. when you see alice and jasper together and emmett and rosalie, they just fit so nicely. funny how the couples hair are sort of the same (alice and jasper)

and edward....looking so lonely.....i feel kind of sad for him. but now he'll have bella!!! hahaha yea nevermind. all i can say is, if i were in that lunchroom, knowing nothing about their personalities, edward would definatley be hottest looking to me. but the most dangerous looking at the same time. mmmmmm :wink:

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