the look of the cullens

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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xoxgoodbye wrote:After seeing the pics by cometomamma/Amy Howe... they've definetely perfected the Cullen look!
I agree! The contacts and everything look so amazing! And props to Amy for getting such amazing shots! I was squeeing like the little fangirl I am. And it takes quite a lot to get me to make sqeaky noises.
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From the pictures I have seen (esp. the ones by cometomamma/Amy Howe), I think that they really captured the Cullens. I am impressed, and feel like somewhere, somehow they must have listened to us (the obsessed fans!), and read the books: two things that everyone who holds these characters close to our heart was (now needlessly) worried about.
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Everytime I think of all the Cullens, I think of all of them in Lacoste...Haha...Just that kind of preppy/sophisticated look...
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Thanks alifsu17!!!
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I know we have seen all the cast because the filming has been going for a long time now, but i am glad they didn't pile on the makeup for Rosalie and Alice. They don't need it! they're vampires! they are already flawless! they dont need any eye makeup! 'sides people will be to interested in their eyes.
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Twimoonilipse12 wrote:I know we have seen all the cast because the filming has been going for a long time now, but i am glad they didn't pile on the makeup for Rosalie and Alice. They don't need it! they're vampires! they are already flawless! they dont need any eye makeup! 'sides people will be to interested in their eyes.
except in one promo video they had Rosalie in darkred lipstick and i was so... ehhh... Not pleased by it. They are making Alice look natural, which I like.

(and why is like 90% of the cast from the OC?!?!!?!?)
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Bella's clothes

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Does anyone know what kind of boots Bella is wearing in the pictures of her by her truck?

there's a link.

I've been looking for a good pair of boots, and having hers would be awesome...

And the jacket too. It looks like a Carhartt jacket, but I could be wrong.
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Most recent cullen pic?

Post by Swan »

Anyone have a link to the updated picture of the Cullen kids, the one w/ Bella in it?

Not the very first one they came out w/ but the one where they're all in makeup and look more vampire-like? I can't find it on the net any longer.
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Yeah, I agree with you guys--subtle designer clothes, no fangs or goth colthes, etc. and I also agree with the, good pictures, etc.

But the actors and director, in the Twilight Tuesday stuff, I mean, they sound really dedicated to make Twilight as close to the book as they can. In fact, in one, Catherine Hardwick, directore, said one, 'Welcome to Twilight! No fangs allowed!'...they seem really energized about it. I dont know, i doubt I'm explaining it right, but I think they'll give it they're best. :roll: Sure, we won't like it all maybe, but they know they'll have angry mobs of crazy obsessed fans after them if they do bad. :wink:

Also, I think most of them have read the book--I know Rosalies's actress did, defintely.
Besides, it must be really hard to do a vampire movie like this: cos you always now that you wont ALWAYS have it right.; they ARE inhuman. :wink:

So yeah, I think they'll get all the colthes right and whatnot.[/i]
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Yea I definitely think they got the subtle clothes well =]
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