the look of the cullens

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by DazzleMe »

No! No fangs! Gosh, that would be so stupid! THEY DON'T HAVE FANGS.

I'm okay with tiny little circles below their eyes...

Good looking clothes (on Cullens), bright colours...

I don't understand...If they want to make a Twilight movie, why wouldn't they stick in the book? I've heard odd rumors. I do not know if they're true, but whatever.
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Post by Ostentatious6277 »

Um... Twilight vampires have no fangs... Just real white teeth
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Post by Annie85 »

Here's what I want to see:
Hair and eye colors the way they are in the book
Pale skin, NOT tanned
Clothes (nicer than most of the residents of Forks, but not so much that they stand out more than they already do. Colors shouldn't be too bright or it might look too stark against their skin)
As for the undereye circles, it can be done without looking too weird. I've seen a photoshopped picture of Gaspard (my Edward) with undereye circles and he still looked gorgeous. Here's a link if anyone's interested:
http://whenlifegivesyoulemo.deviantart. ... _scale%3A5
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Post by Lizzie »

Although i would hate to see a movie that changes up the book, theres bound to be SOME change.

I agree. No fangs. I have nothing against them, but i just want that part of the book to remain the same.

Contacts. They always have contacts in vampire movies. In Underworld, before they feed; in Interview w/ a Vampire, once they changed and when they were hungry. Consider it done.

Clothes. Stylish definitely. Very designer-ish. Notoriously different from the crowd. I dont think they would have bright colors in their wardrobe though. In the majority of vampire films the director goes for a dark feeling and that blue-ish tone throughout so i think that maybe neutral colors would be it.

I dont want them to have dark circles under their eyes. It would be fine like when they haven't fed but not all the time. It would give the actors an "I haven't slept for a week" look.

Oh and about the skin color. Pale. But a good pale. Not like Queen of the Damned "powdery make up" one. I could see all the make up the guy!

Just my opinion
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Post by *Solar Eclipse* »

i think i would die if they dressed the cullens in like all that goth stuff. cause their the opposite of goth. plus, wouldnt being goth make them stand out more? i think the dark circles will be ok, just not too dark, like a light bruise-like shadows under someones eyes...except their shadows probably look a lot better because they have no wrinkles...haha, ok.
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Post by Mermia »

Okay for clothes I was just thinking that they all would wear nice school clothes, such as polo shirts for the guys, and tanks for the girls, things that are expensive without being expensive, they have the money, but they don't want people to really know that they do...

For make-up I was thinking plain and simple, again they don't want to stand out anymore than they already do, but the bags are something they will need to work on, and the contacts for the eyes will have to be a MUST

As for people like Jessica and Anglela, think of the preppiest people you went to school with, and there you have it...
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Post by dazzled_frequently »

I think that as far as fangs: absolutely not

and heres how i think clothes go:

Edward: really nice for a guy his age. like dark wash jeans and decent sweaters (but not overbearingly preppy)

Emmet: Very athletic clothes. Like tight T shirts and shorts or oldish jeans.

Jasper: Again, dark wash jeans and polos

Alice: Really really fun different clothes. I think that since she shops a lot and by her dress at the prom, that she'd try to stand out when she dresses.

Rosalie: Kind of conservative and humble but at the same time trendy. Like maybe capris with a half decent tank top.
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Post by neonsx »

For me personally, I pictured the Cullens in high fashion: Dior, Mark by Mark Jabobs, Coach, Raulgh Lauren, etc. You would able to tell there personality threw the clothing. Bella would be laid back in jeans with average sweaters and tee's. Along with.. I don't know- flats or just simple sneakers.

Along with makeup: Simple- the Cullens in the book were already beautiful so I'm guessing they wouldn't really need it. Just blush, mascara and eye shadow possibly (for the girls of coarse). Bella, wouldn't really ware any.. lip gloss/chap is what I pictured her in 'makeup'.

Meh, I have a strong feeling they aren't exactly going with the dark under eye shadow; as if they haven't slept in weeks. Especially Alice, I mean she's so perky, dark under eyes are just hard to picture with her personality.
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Post by lunarsoul »

Hmmm...well, usually if people wear darker colors (just not all black - it makes skin look kind of sallow) it'll make them seem paler...add that with makeup/hair dye and you have really pale skin...

In Photoshop I always brush on this really, really light purple under their eyes and then blend it that's kind of how I imagine them doing it for the movie.

But maybe that's just me.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

I imagined all the males clean shave, although I'm sure they had a little stubble before they were transformed, so they're probably not completely hairless on their faces. That's just how I picture them.

I also picture their skin so pale that it is almost gray. I picture their eyes extremely wide and expressive. I pictured their lips sort of the same tone as their skin, only slightly flushed.

I think that their clothes were high end, but really, really simply. Chic. Put together. But not like Fashion Week in NY.
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