Special effects for the Twilight movie???

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by Twilight<3 »

Over on twilightmoms, they said they saw this guy who was testing out this glitter and it was ALL over him. They were seeing if they should use that stuff or CGI (<-- Is that right?) it.
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Post by vampbylua »

RageTH wrote:I was thinking that she was referring to them sparkling like the way asphalt glitters when the sun shines on it just right.

That's what I allways thought of, anyway.
I'm assuming most of you have driven on a road in the morning or evening, facing the direction of the sun. Know what I'm talking about?
Thats exactly how I imagined it. But I'm not sure how that subtle yet strong glimmer is going to be pulled off. I think it'll mostly be like.. computer generated though. Maybe a bit of make up, but I don't know if a camera would catch the shimmer that glitter lotion gives off.
Has anyone seen the un-animated Alice in Wonderland? You know when the caterpillar solider turns into the butterfly and his skin like pops and out of the holes shines light and the rest of his skin is kind of shimmering? Maybe they'll do something like that.

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Post by Unchallenged »

xoxosu wrote:Perhaps it's like shimmer lotion? That makes your skin sparkle except a bit more extreme?

oooo! 'edward in a bottle!'
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Post by InLoveWith.Him »

I am going to throw a fit if they special effect the vampire running scenes in a way that makes the vampires look just like a blob of color dashing back and forth across the screen. I want to see them, but I don't want it to look a marathon runner who pressed the fast forward button, you know what I'm saying? They have to look natural and graceful. Just supernaturally so.

I wonder how they'll make Robert glitter in the meadow scene. CGI could be wierd but I worry you'll be able to see little pieces of glitter falling off Edward if they do it for real....so...good luck with that special effects people!
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Post by fig »

In Entertainment Weekly Magazine, it said they used honey-covered chicken to put on Cam's neck for Robert to bite, and when they ran out of chicken, they used melted cheese. There's a quote from Cam saying how gross it was.

I don't know about you, but cheese doesn't sound that convincing, but it's weird how special effects work.

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Re: Special effects for the Twilight movie???

Post by Friends_Not_Food »

cullenstyle wrote:Stephenie Meyer definitely puts a lot of description regarding the appearance, voices, even the walk of all her lovely vampire characters. And no doubt all of those details are going to be vital in making a good, believable movie. However, not all of those aspects are going to be easy to achieve [i.e. velvety voices, superbly graceful walks, flawless features]. For the movie, there's got to be a BIG difference between the vampires and the humans. For instance, the audience can't just look at the screen for all the 'hot people' and assume that they're supposed to be vampires.

So what are some of your opinions? Any ideas on what the director or producers of the potential Twilight movie could/should do to achieve the vampire perfection?
Well, I think that the two main scenes that need effects are the baseball scene and the end scene in the dance studio (presuming that those book scenes make it in the movie). Then, because it seems like a fairly high budget film, I'd move on to things like their costumes and make- up. I'm not sure how much editing they'd do in the studio for vampire walking and stuff. One other major edit, might be Edward running and getting up into Bella's room (I'd love to see that part, because so much of it is left to our imagination in the book.)
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special efects

Post by Briana_Cullen »

They are going to need some prett good effects for the running scenes. The sparkling will probably be pretty easy.
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Post by Starfish127 »

Well the article that has the picture with rob and kristen's stunt doubles is really cool. I for one am kind of looking forward to the whole tree-hoping thing.

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Post by Mattie »

I have been thinking of the whole "top of trees" comment Kristen made, and I came up with the idea that maybe they are actually going up in the trees in order to show the skill that Edward has and that there are more branches for him to dodge than if he were on the ground. Like it'll still be running through the trees, they are just going up into them in order to film. (If this makes any sense)

lIf it is indeed "tree hopping", then I'm thinking they are going to combine his strength, speed, and gracefulness all into one scene.
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Post by Midnight_Fix »

I think that even if they changed it to put Edward and Bella actually up in the trees that there is no reason to freak out. I don't see it taking anything away from the story at all. They obviously figured out something that looked really cool or I don't think they would even have made the change. It sounds even more dramatic than the original scene and I'm excited to see how it turns out on the big screen.

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