Special effects for the Twilight movie???

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Special effects for the Twilight movie???

Post by cullenstyle »

Stephenie Meyer definitely puts a lot of description regarding the appearance, voices, even the walk of all her lovely vampire characters. And no doubt all of those details are going to be vital in making a good, believable movie. However, not all of those aspects are going to be easy to achieve [i.e. velvety voices, superbly graceful walks, flawless features]. For the movie, there's got to be a BIG difference between the vampires and the humans. For instance, the audience can't just look at the screen for all the 'hot people' and assume that they're supposed to be vampires.

So what are some of your opinions? Any ideas on what the director or producers of the potential Twilight movie could/should do to achieve the vampire perfection?

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Post by Alyce »

Get ILM( Industrial Light & Magic) to do the visuals and special effects for the movie, since they are the best at technical aspects of movies. I think they could bring the movie to life, but that's just me. :P

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Post by Nico »

I think the sparkling of the vampires will be the hardest thing to do. For their general look there's always special effects make-up.

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Post by cullenstyle »

Haha I can just imagine the crew putting LOTS of sprinkly lotion or something over all the vampires for the sun scenes. But I think their voices are going to be rather difficult. No doubt they're going to have to have something more than just the actor's voice in general, no matter how nice it might sound. But then they can't go overboard with the voice effects or it might turn out kind of scary 0__o

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Post by SarcasticallyYours »

For skin tone, they could do them like they did in Underworld. You know? The voices might be a little harder, but not too much. They could probably pull it off with a really good vice coach. As for the sparkling, that probably wouldn't be too hard to accomplish with special effects, I suppose.
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Post by *so_jealous_of_bella* »

I am not too worried. Special effects are good these days so I have faith in the special effects crew that may take up Twilight.

The only thing that I find weird is, like you said, there has to be some major difference between the people playing humans and the people playing the Cullens. Will they just have to find not so beautiful actors or will they just use a lot of special effets and re-touching to make everything completely perfect with the Cullens?
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Post by Mayde »

Actually, I don't think that Twilight needs that many special effects. I guess the only thing they need to worry about are the vampires. Voice-wise, I think it would be unnecessary to tamper with the actors' voices. Voices that are synthesized always sound wrong, and velvety voices can be accomplished by the actors without any effects. Same goes for their normal movement. Grace can be learned. They would need effects for their super-speed though. As for the eyes, they can wear contacts. One for gold and one for black. Now for their skin, they have to be really pale and I'm sure the director of photography can use filters and such to achieve that effect. The only problem is the sparkling part. That would be really hard to do and make it look believable. It could turn out really hokey. The last thing is the car accident scene. That would require special effects. Overall though, not many special effects are necessary.

Also, I think ILM would be a good choice too.
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Post by Rose's Thorn »

This is the part that scares me the most about the movie. The vampires need to be fast, but it can't be fake fast, to the point where it looks stupid. And they need to sparkle, but that can't look dumb either. The strength has potential of looking silly as well, though not as badly as the others.

I think I'm most worried about speed and sparkling. If they do that wrong it will look very, very, very stupid. We can't have that.

The supernatural-ness of the vampires is the only thing that worries me about the movies. I pray they do it right.
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Post by lockh3art »

that is kind of tricky.
i mean, sure... give 'em colored contacts and flawless makeup... but it's going to take more than that to really set them apart.

i suppose, coaching?
for the gracefulness, i mean. either that or just find some really poised actors.

and about the skin... how the heck? no one on the planet is that white. o0;
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Post by Alice09 »

I'm not too worried about the movie.Speical effects now days are really good.Have you ever seen Small Ville or how ever you spell it.They make that guy that plays super man run through the grass and it makes him look like he's speeding very fast.The glitter part i'm not sure how they are going to do it but i'm sure everything else they are going to use special effects from Underworld the movie or even Blade.
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