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Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:28 pm
by neonsx
  • Biology Scene, Being Dazzled »
    Evan Voytas - We'd Be Good Together listen
    It's just a really care-free, light song as I imagined Bella first feeling when Edward and her have there first real conservation. Plus, doesn't it sound like "I have a bit of a crush on you" song?

    Bella Leaving Charlie at the Last Moment »
    The Rocks - Foam listen
    I was on the edge of it should be more deep or a little bit lighter since Bella really isn't leaving because of the reason she pointed out to Charlie. So, 'Foam' was in the middle; the lyrics fit, it has that losing-attempted but the beats and the voice aren't dieing, if that makes any sense lol.

    Fight Scene, James and Edward »
    Er France - Love to Kill You listen
    Well the title says it all. 'Love to Kill You' is a bit more on the ironic side seeing Er France aren't exactly hard-rock like you would imagine vampires fighting. All in all though, I could see this starting in the beginning before Edward and James fight. It gives off the don't-mess-with-me-vibe.
    Edit// There is a bit of french in the lyrics, the band does come from France.

    Edward finding Bella after the James Attack »
    Secret Shine - Lost Memory listen
    Really, really emotional. It generally puts you in a stance of just listening like someone is whispering a deep secret.

    B&E Entering Prom »
    Adventure Kid - Safety Dance listen
    It's pop, it's fun, it is a prom song. I'm telling ya' the Sweads make amazing pop music, and over all, 'Safety Dance' really is catchy.
Long post, sorry about that. But I'm really loving The Rocks and Evan Voytas, they both are addicting :D