Meyer vs. Rowling (Author Leeway)

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by jethro »

maybe the reason why Steph doesn't want to give her opinion on the movie is that she's excited about it too and doesn't want to spoil the surprise by being overprotective of her story.. haha.. that's just my opinion, people.. :D
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whats all this sill nonsens about 'vs' there is NO competition.
Meyer all the way!!!!!!
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Unchallenged wrote:no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats all this sill nonsens about 'vs' there is NO competition.
Meyer all the way!!!!!!
i agreee.
i think what was said in one of the interviews is correct, though.
meyer does take the spot for best vampire series,
and rowling takes it for wizards
team edward. sorry jake.
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I think one of the big things is (and maybe somebody already said this. If so, sorry for repeating) : The Harry Potter Series wasn't close to being done when the first movie came out. She didn't really know how some things in the end were going to play out. The last book in the Twilight Series comes out in August, which means that it is already done or very very close. That may or may not have a big thing to do with it, but WB needed JKR there because she knew the rest of the details, even if some of it was vague.
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An author signs over a lot of her rights when she signs a contract for the movie rights. JK Rowling was a unique situation. Her contract allowed her certain privileges that other authors usually do not have, because they sign over the rights and usually retain little if any right at all. Also, because the story was still developing, certain things have to be run by JKR. In OOTP, they wanted to cut out Kreacher, but JKR told them they shouldn't because it would cause a major problem in DH. She also wrote the vulgar language is ugly scene when Hagrid is telling Harry about his parents' murder in SS, because that was going to be a scene from DH. Her situation was unique and cannot be compared to Stephenie Meyers. stephenie probably has no rights at all, but if the movie producers have any brains at all, like Warners Brothers and the HP producers, they will consult with her, because it IS her world.
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JKR books are just too long. I am in no way incompetent, but Twilight I could read multiple times and never get bored. HP is like a chore to get to the finish.
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So basically, the difference is in their contracts.

But what about SM. The movie creators don't know what SM is going to do in the fourth book, or even the books from other POVS. Is SMs situation only different, because of her famousness?
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Ohh please dont star to compare them please dont!!!

They are way too different thank god!!!
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hard decision...

if i had to choose...

i'd go with myer...

simply because, in hp, my ship didn't happen, and the epilogue, even for pro ron and hermione shippers, was really lame...

so yeah.
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Actually I heard somewhere that Stephenie had the chance to edit the script and fix anything that wasn't right (Has anyone else heard that??). And she did get to suggest some of her favorite actors, even though none of them were cast. And she did say on her site that Summit's vision of the movie is turning out to be quite close to hers, so maybe there's no need for her to make any suggestions or changes..... :roll:

But I bet that it has something to do with the contract she has with Summit differeing from JK's with WB.

Also I think that when the HP movies were being made, the producers and people really knew how big a thing the project was and they really didn't want to do anything wrong and be punished later for it. So they gave more rights to the original creator.

Whereas for Twilight I am kind of under the impression that Summit didn't really know what they were getting themselves into. Because even though Twilight has a ginormous, fanatic, obsessed, rabid ect. fanbase (and totally proud of it! :twisted:), the books are still widely unknown. So perhaps Summit didn't think that there would really be a need to involve Stephenie more.

Of course all of this is just me speculating :wink:
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