Meyer vs. Rowling (Author Leeway)

Discussion about the Twilight movie. It's all speculation until Summit Films actually produces a script and casts it.
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Post by rapid_reader »

hmmm. Thats a hard one....

I would have to say Steph. I'v read both series multiple times and as much as I love Harry, Edward is more real to me. J.K. Rowling is like a younger Steph. They both can only get better. :D
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Post by Modelisous »

Its probably a different contract to JK's or whoevers.

I dont really like HP. Yeah i've seen all the movies and read every book, but Twilight is different. Twilight makes me hungry for more, whereas i could wait 10 years for a new HP and not be bothered.

I'm not too bothered about Steph not being in on the movie, but if she was i'd be happier.

Right now their doing wonderfully, if they consider her thoughts for the rest of the people they'll be right on track!
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Post by wazildhum12 »

i found that a littel weird too because most authors that i no get a say in there movie
like jk and antony horowiz
why cant stephen meyer.i liked her choices of bella.
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Post by ashFLASH »

I like Twilight better now, just 'cause HP is done. We know what happens and there's no more suspense. Whereas SM is still writing books about Bella and Edward.

They're both great. I think HP appeals to more people, but Twilight is easier to relate to.
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Post by cacophoni »

it probably really just comes down to who is doing the movie. If they were huge fans of the books, I don't understand why they wouldn't ask the author for vulgar language is ugly on script, casting, etc.

JKR was just so big by the time the movies came out... I think she could've asked for anything and gotten it. I'm not sure if it's a good comparison. Stephenie is equally as good a writer and Twilight is just as amazing a series but the hype is just not as big.

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Post by wazildhum12 »

i agree
and ther is alot more depth to harry potter
hp has many cliffhangers
and so many diffrent answers
there is somthing about hp that's unique
and i dont think anyone can capture it
yeh jk is famous
so i think she would get her own way alot more
with hp
jk knows soo much more than us and maybe even too much, about the characters
future etc..
that i think they would be lost without her help.
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Post by Kristina_Rose »

It has to do with the contract and JK turned down one of the biggest directors in the world because he wanted to smush the first three books into one movie. So she held out for a while and she also seemed more resistant to make the book into a movie than SM. She also made a lot less money.


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Post by roxyoxsurf »

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, so excuse me if I'm repeating information, but actually the seventh harry potter film is going to be split in half, so there would be eight films. I thought that was great, this way they won't have to skip on any details.

As for the twilight movie, even if it isn't great, we'll still have the magic of the books themselves. Let's all be opptimistic, shall we?

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Post by suitup! »

But Stephenie did say that since Summit has seen how much us fans really care about the movie and the books they have been asking her opinion on certain things. So that is good news that we are making Summit realize that they can make a great movie with Stephenie's and the fans opinion.
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Post by untitled »

A few things. One: JKR and the rest of them took out EVERY IMPORTANT FACT in OOTP. it sucked, that's how it is.
Two: the way things are going, twilight will end up like OOTP and all of the other books-made-into-movies out there that sucked. that's about all of them. perhaps three or so didn't suck.
Three: I regret Stephenie's decision to not take as big a part in the making of the film. as in, not write the script or anything. she's too opinionated to not do anything about the mess it has become.
Four: Warner Bros. is completely screwed on the making of DH the movie. that's all i have to say.
Five: this is prolly annoying, but would you PLEASE stop saying that JKR lives in England??? she lives, and has lived for at least 5/6 of her life in Edinburgh, Scotland. UK is fine, but not England. They aren't the same and never will be.

Moderator Edit: We support the casting of the movie on this site. And This is Stephenie's first major motion picture, it is extemely rare of an author to get the type of imput JK did with Harry Potter. This was not her DECISION, this is the way Movie deals work. Not even JK wrote the screen plays.

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