2008 Remember when...

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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LizzySwan1022 wrote:
y3nd0 wrote:
LizzySwan1022 wrote: Remember your first post? I don't!
I definitely do not. :P I know that my first post was not in the New Kids forum though. :O
After I posted that I went back and found my first post, it was about who would change Bella.
After reading this, I had to look mine up... I definitely did not remember mine!

It was in Quench Your Thirst, on "Your Future Bella is Unknown".. :lol: I so overlooked that you were supposed to post in New Kid In Town.. LOL!

Remember how crazy we got when the Eclipse-cover got released? :wink: :lol:
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Remember when the COCL use to be thriving?

*sniffle* I am having withdrawls...hehe
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Remenber when New Moon's summary was posted and everybody Freaked out because Edward was leaving and Jacob was going wiggy?

Remenber when the first chapter of New Moon was released and everybody whent crazy over the dream Bella had?
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Remember when the New Moon playlist was released?

The sad lyrics made me crazy with anticipation!
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Remember the chat drama?

I totally remember the puppet shows.

Remember posting obscene things in chat? Oh wait.. we still do that..

Remember when I got my mod powers revoked?

Remember when I wasn't cool? .. me either.
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I haven't been around for that long to remember any of that. =[
I've only been here since December I believe
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remember When Billeh was on all the time?

Or when we actually knew Veilka lived and breathed?

Remember the first henry thread? (if not...you are missing out!)
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