2007 Have you ever been Stephenied?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by Abigail »

I haven't. But, I would love to be "Stephenied". I think I make some reference to Ms. Meyer whenever my mom says something. Today she was talking to me about another author and she said, "Gary said that he used to hate speaking in public." And, of course I had to mention that Stephenie hates it, too.

Anyway, sorry about getting off-topic. ~Abby
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Post by BelleBleu26 »

Kaedtiann wrote:
BelleBleu26 wrote:No she actually replied. She answered the questions I asked her and made remarks to the compliments I payed her. hehe. She was soo sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor! Im still on my euphoric high... :lol:
Lucky, that's so exciting!!

Okay, now I'm jealous. :( Good things never happen to me.

Well I would say it never hurts to try. I went in with that mentality and nearly had a heart attack when I saw that she responded to my message....insignificant little me! lol

I mean Stephenie doesnt know it, but she made my year! Heck...she made the rest of my life! ha :wink:
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Post by ArdaSilverlace »

I have! It was so exciting! October of 2005, after I first read Twilight, I emailed Stephenie, fully not expecting her to respond, but eager to share my enthusiasm nonetheless. Imagine my surprise when, not one day later, she emailed me back!!!

I squealed, gasped, and danced in delight.

Stephenie really is so kind to her fans. :D She's so prompt too!
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Post by AleviaCullen »

I've been stephenied liek 3 times!Once, at the NY Signing and then the other two times at the chat...
Hey, it happens
i mean, shes soooo truley marvelous!

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Post by Bree »

Aeternus Sanguis wrote:
Bree wrote:Oh and PS -- The first message I ever wrote to Stephenie on myspace claimed that I was going to play Bella in the movie.

And that I was going to sick my dog on her.

... Weird, hm?
Haha. You know, that doesn't suprise me at all.

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Post by emilyinforks »

Nope! I haven't been "Stephenied" yet!! hopefully I will May 5th! I can't wait!

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Post by SilentlyScreaming »

I wish
Someday though, someday....
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