2007 What have you learned?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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2007 What have you learned?

Post by Alphie »

We have lots of information posted here that Stephenie has been kind enough to supply us with that is not found with in the pages of her wonderful books. Of all the things you've learned, what is your favorite tid bit of information that you didn't read about in the books?
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Post by Felicia »

I enjoyed learning about Jasper's past. I've always been curious about him.
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Post by Chaos »

Hmm... I really love the exrta information about Jane and Alec, and the Volturi. But also I loved the PC's, they are extremely interesting!
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Post by Kaedtiann »

Hmm... I can't think of one big thing in particular, but I did like learning more about Esme's past. Poor girl went through a lot before getting vampirized.
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Post by y3nd0 »

I am definitely crazed about Edward's middle name. :P Well, his full name. And of course, his birth date.
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Post by Marcy »

Definately Esme's past. Shes such a doll!

But all of the PC is worth a read, and a re read, and another re read!
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Post by Only_Hope »

Umm.. pretty much anything I learnt through the PC's... very interesting to read. :)
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Post by Mayde »

My favorite piece of information was the background information on all the Cullens, such as their stats, real last names, and their personal histories. It was very interesting because it allowed me to understand them better.
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Post by la tua cantante »

mhhmmm esme s story is very very beautiful
aaand i like a lot the casino scene, that made me laugh REALLY HARd
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Post by bellaedwardfan77 »

I like the PCs, of course, and I really enjoyed learning about the characters' past lives. It makes them seem more human.
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