2007 Forks-Cast, what do you remember the most

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by SunKist »

I love the Pet Peeves one it is too funny :lol:
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Post by april_showers »

i love them all seriously. you are both hilarious its great. haha

but one of my favorite moments is when Alphie is demonstrating Edward's feelings during Midnight Sun lol
Blood blood BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!!....blood? haha so funny

anway, im so excited there is a new one coming. they should be more frequent ...i would listen lol

and i still want to know that thing that Alphie said that she would tell us but never did about Carilse and eating ...haha yeah, i remember lol
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Post by jesseh »

I agree with april_showers. xDD!


I fell out of my chair laughing. :o

Oh and, that one time when Pel said something along the lines of "And Rosalie is the, uhm, word that rhymes with witch."
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Post by Kissa »

Mayde wrote:I'd have to say the Forks-cast on the Pet Peeves as well. Half the time I was laughing, and half the time I was cringing because I was wondering if I ever committed one of the pet peeves. And the part where Pel and Alphie are just laughing makes me laugh too. I don't know why, but it does.
I agree with all of that. The Pet Peeves one is my favorite too! And when yall are laughing.. It cracks me up! :lol:

I also must agree with april_showers here
Blood blood BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!!....blood?
and here
and i still want to know that thing that Alphie said that she would tell us but never did about Carilse and eating
and with jesseh here
Oh and, that one time when Pel said something along the lines of "And Rosalie is the, uhm, word that rhymes with witch."
I love those!

But I must say... I loved the Nashville one's! Especially when you were discussing silly_bella's fanfic ideas, which we all know how turned out... :wink: ROTFL!!
That podcast also made me very jealous. I so wanted to be there!!
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Post by dragon-girl »

I love them all, you guys are hilarious.

Yeah, the blood bit was good.

And I'm so jealous I missed Nashville. It sounds fantastic.

I haven't listened to the pet peeves one yet, but I just downloaded it.

I have to be really careful not to listen to these on the bus, otherwise when I burst out laughing, people give me funny looks.
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Post by Taxi »

Mwahaha, I loved the 'blood' one.

And of course the Nashville one, :) , mainly because I knew exactly what everyone was talking about. And I can practically see their lovely faces when I listen to this Forks-cast.
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Post by ~Delilah Rose~ »

I adored all of them, but mainly the Nashville and Pet Peeves ones.
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Post by vampire_chick22 »

I have to agree that the pet peeves podcast is my favourite, but I still LOVE all of them! I don't want to sound mean or anything, but hearing how stupid or ignorant some people are can be really funny (to make it fair, I laugh at myself too).

I found it hilarious in the one podcast where you compared Edward to Snoopy dancing around for food. FOOD FOOD FOOD! BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD! lol I first listened to that podcast at a bus stop, where I couldn't help smiling, and had to make a real effort to not start giggling hysterically; I can't imagine what the people around me would have thought I was laughing about.

I have to say that your laughing is contagious; it's really hard not to laugh while listening, and one weekend, after I had listened to about 3 podcasts each day, I found that I was beginning to get a sense of your humour. How scary is that!

Anyways, I love love love the podcasts! Keep them going!
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Post by Edward's Angel »

:lol: I really like the one... I think it was like in the Forkcast 6 or something when Alphie was trying to explain the difference between her story the Lion and the Lamb and Stephenies Midnight Sun with the Blood!!! Blood!! Blood... ahgr? She's kind of pretty. Blood,! blood! blood! :D
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Post by x she floats x »

I just got done listening to the birthday one! Ha! I love it!

Now, I'm off to listen to this "blood, blood, blood" one everyone's talking about.

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