2007 Forks-Cast, what do you remember the most

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Thanks, Kaed! I love it when people are nice to me... :P I'm not used to being the newb.

Ok, back on topic (because I could go on forever about these things, I love them that much), I was listening to the 'meeting Stephenie stories' this morning, and Pel being mistaken for Alphie... roflol!
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Mayde wrote:
Kissa01 wrote:That's actualy what I meant to, cus that's where I saved it from..! :lol: I wonder why I was able to then, if you couldn't... :roll:
Oh, you can save it from the link before you click on it. Okay, I feel dumb now... :?
LOL! Aw, Mayde. Don't feel dumb! It took me a few tries too! :P

And to keep my post a little more on topic - I like that podcast too! Alphie and Pel; I love you guys! You're hilarious, no matter what!
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Mostly I just remember all the giggles. They keep me awake at work. oooohhhhh.... and I loved the back story on how Stephenie read Alphie's Fanfic!
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"Last night, Carly, or Carly in Wonderland, taught me how to walk like a gangster...I'm so gangster, it hurts....it's the shiz, y'all!"

Best Forks-Cast Moment EVAH.
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