One Year Ago

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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One Year Ago

Post by Alphie »

I went looking through our archives at what was going on one year ago and found some interesting things.

New Moon was number one on the New York Times best seller list.

The cover for Eclipse had JUST been released on the Barnes and Noble web site.

We recieved confirmation that Eclispe would be out on August 7th.

Bunches of people were planning trips to E-Prom in Phoenix.

We posted the first chapter for New Moon in our chapter discussion area.

The Cobert Report spoofed Stephenie's books.

But keep in mind that as of one year ago today... there was no movie deal! It was still all open ended and in the works. Look at how far we have come as a fandom. I've enjoyed the ride all the way and can't wait for the rest of this year to play out!

If you have any more thoughts to add about what was going on a year ago in the fandom... it doesn't specifically have to be on this website, but it would be nice if it was, you can post it here!
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Post by Awakening »

a year ago.... I was a Twilight virgin! Just walking around, not even knowing that come September my world would be knocked upside down :P
:D But is really crazy to think of all the things that happen in a year, how much you change as a person and the things that change in your life. And just think...a year from now we will all be reviewing 2008, hehe
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Post by leftcookie »

One year ago... I was thinking: One year ago I first read Twilight, after reluctantly agreeing to give it a chance. One year ago when I first discovered the Lexicon I thought there was not much of value there (I changed my mind, of course).

One year ago I was absolutely addicted to the Lexicon, checking for updates at least once a day, following discussions on the message boards (even if I didn't participate directly).

One year ago I knew I was part of something big. From my perspective, Twilight (and NM)had grown from a random book recommended to me by a librarian to a common sight in girls' and boys' hands at school.

It amazes me how much the fandom has grown in one year, and it will only continue to grow.
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Post by Clairbear »

One year ago... i did not even know Twilight existed!!! (It's not known AT ALL in the UK :P) I was in love with Hunter Niall from the Sweep/Wicca books (I still love him :D)
Then, in about May time i joined the facebook group Boys in Books are Better, and people kept talking about 'Edward Cullen' I found out what book he was from and tentatively ordered Twilight from amazon...and then instantly New Moon and I was addicted!!!

Since then i am proud to say I have got my aunt, my mum, my friend and her university flat mates to read it...i am reading it to my sister (she hates reading herself) and I have forced it on another friend!

Go Twilight!
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Post by chica_chilena »

One year ago I joined this forum. It's so crazy to think about it! I remember hoping that the fans weren't crazy =P And they weren't! I've met some of the most fantastic people here on the lex!

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Post by Cinderella85 »

One year ago... The Relish Dog Pound was born :D

And of course, Alicia and I started that, and I wouldn't have met Alicia if it weren't for the Lex, and she's become one of my best friends.

Thank you Lexicon

EDIT: Instead of thinking a year back, think a year forward, because about this time next year, we'll probably have (or almost have) the Twilight DVD!!! :D
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Post by I_Love_jakEdward »

A year ago, I regret to say, I had not yet discovered the Twilight Universe... :cry: Didn't find the books 'till July of last year...
BUT, when I did, I can honestly say that I wish I had discovered it sooner. But now I am part of the Lex and am just as obsessed (if not more than) a lot of other people. Whoot!
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Post by Cocoa »

One year ago I was grounded from the Lex by my hubby! LOL
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Post by rapid_reader »

Awakening wrote:a year ago.... I was a Twilight virgin! Just walking around, not even knowing that come September my world would be knocked upside down :P
:D But is really crazy to think of all the things that happen in a year, how much you change as a person and the things that change in your life. And just think...a year from now we will all be reviewing 2008, hehe
I was the same! I didn't have any idea how cool and amazing Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse would be! I didn't read them until September! And it is so crazy to think of how much I have changed! I've moved on from Harry Potter to A Midsimmer Night's Dream and Wuthering Heights!
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Post by truly_obsessed »

One year ago...

I was in Egypt and my friend emailed me that she pre-ordered Eclipse for my birthday (March 28th!!!).

We began the conversation about traveling sans husbands that lead us to visit Seattle, Forks, La Push and Port Angeles.

See the link in my signature if you want to see the pictures from our great pilgrimage.
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