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It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by Emily_Jane_Cullen »

the VMT's, without doubt. Ahh good times. They were my favourite, for sure, not to mention the most unforgetable. :wink:
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Post by I_Love_jakEdward »

Definately the skits and the Ways to Annoy James. :lol: Gotta love irritating James!
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Post by Cocoa »

This is so hard! I enjoy reading the Choices thread when I have a chance. And the Adult threads in FTP are nice. The grossness of Vampire hunting cracks me up. As does the Torn apart but not burned thread...ewwww! LOL But I love them!

April Fools tops the list as does Bella's birthday...Good times.
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Post by dragonrider713 »

My favorites are definitely the Ways to Annoy James adn Not in Edward's Music Collection threads. So much fun!
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Post by freakyvirgo913 »

What a silly question!

All of them!!!! :D
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Post by rapid_reader »

I love the SKITS thread and the How To Annoy James thread! I love all of the Skitsters and everyone on both of these threads are so funny!
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Post by neonsx »

Twilight Soundtrack and recommended Music, Rpatz, The Fashion Threads and of course the Canadian Thread haha, good ol' memories there :D And everything else too -- pretty much the best forum ever lol :)
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Hmmm...well, there are plenty of hilarious discussions, and it would be a crime not to mention April Fools and the VMT(although I wasn't ever in either of those threads-I wasn't even a member yet for most of it...so I live vicariouly through the hilarious conversations that went on-favorite quote: "Until Bella moved here, we all thought he was gay.")

I also loved discussing Jake without any clothes because the rabid monkeys stole them on the RDP...(jirty thoughts),

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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

The Bella's Birthday thred was awesome.

Also the Adult threds ahhh we have some very entertaining ladies. I know i can always get a laugh when i read them.

I also enjoy the Chapter question threads. They help me remember and think about the books.
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Post by love2dream »

Who doesn't love Bob from the Gutter with a little Twilighizing Hash thrown in?!

Let me give a hooray out to the SLTA thread too! Love ya, gals!

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