Meeting People

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Meeting People

Post by PEL »

Place to talk about meet ups with other fans
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Post by danobanano »

Because of the Lexicon I've been able to "meet up" with twenty of my now closest friends. I like to refer to them as the SLTA. I was so leery to even be lurking around message boards on the internet, but now that I have faces to go with screennames I feel right at home. We get together once a month if not more to play Twilight versions of the most popular games. We eat food that reminds us of the books and characters from the books, and we use all sorts of different book phrases as well and Lexiconer quotes. With the Lexicon I finally feel like I've found "My People".,
Thank you Administrators and Moderators for all you do for this fandom. If I ever get to meet any of you in person I want to give you a big huge to let you know I appreciate this website and all that it's done for me.
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Post by Alphie »

I have to say that the E-Prom held in Nashville was so much fun! I know I spoke about this is a Podcast but there is no greater memory that can still to this day have me darting to the bathroom in need of emptying my bladder than the image of the Pharmacist taking a full two steps away from Cocoa when she asked him if a condom could hold rattlesnake venom.

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Post by Simplicity »

I, too, have met some wonderful people on the Lex that I never would've had the privilege of knowing otherwise.

Stephenie's books and characters are amazing, but the Lex linked me up with other people like me. While I'd have eventually put my copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse on my bookshelf, the Lex kept things alive long after the covers were closed. I found out I wasn't alone in my love for all things Twilight and that I wasn't strange being an adult. (Or if I am, at least I have lots of company.)

We've hashed and rehashed every little detail, polishers and groomers alike, and talked about philosophy, psychology, motivations and theories. Then when we were done with that, we moved on to other things.

We laugh together, read other books together, cry sometimes, and always have fun.

So, thanks to the Lex, I've gotten to know lots of people from all over the world.

And so far, none of us have turned out to be least I don't think so.
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Post by larlabelle »

So far, I have only had the honor to meet one other Lexiconer in person, but it was such a fun experience!

Even though I haven't met many of my online Lexicon friends in person, I feel as if I have known many of them for years.

They are smart, funny people. They love to read books from all genres. They have varied, wonderful tastes in music. Some are married and some are single. Some have children and some do not have children. They laugh with me and cry with me. They celebrate life's ups and life's downs with me. Some are Edward lovers and some are Jacob lovers. But no matter what, we all have something in common, and it all started with a love of Stephenie's writing, of her characters, of her stories.

This is my first fandom, and I'm proud to be a Lexiconer!
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Post by Awakening »

I wish i could meet up with some people :( But i live in hawaii...out in the middle of the ocean far far away from everyone! But maybe one goal is to get to a book signing one day, i almost got to the host tour but im going to the mainland in June not may! What a bummer.
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Post by chica_chilena »

I haven't met any of the fans in person yet. But I do hope I'll get to meet Kissa soon!

I wish I'd lived in the states. It would be amazing to get to meet the people I've talked so much with =)
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Post by Emily_Jane_Cullen »

i live in Australia so I haven't really met anyone in person, but I've loved every second of talking to twilight fans all around the world into the early morning hours. :D
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Post by Cocoa »

Oh yes...Nashville, don't think I'll ever live that one down! HAHAHHAHA I still think I could have gotten that waiter to marry SB if I asked, he seemed like he could have been interested.

And meeting Amor...what an awesome girl! And my amazing friends Amebereyes (BFF :lol: ) and Twin Kissa! :D

I love my friends. Thank you brithday website!
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Post by wellthat'slife »

Well I met oneperson. But I don't actually now here name. It was in Swansea libary and she saw me reading eclipse and waslike "Oh my god!" and then we had like a ncie chat. She was in her early twenties. She said she came on here but didn'ttellme her username. Itwas cool.

But seriously the amount of friends I have made on ehre is amazing. Mollytigerc and xStupidxlambx I miss speaking to yuo too.

So thanks guys for making such a wonderful place to be.
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