Have You ever Been Stephenied?

It's that time of year again! Happy Birthday to us!
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Post by lilacjade »

Oh I have been Stephenied! I gobbled up Twilight and New Moon in one night and of course I couldn't get enough! So I turned to the Lexicon and Stephenie's website and Myspace. I found out she had a signing at Changing Hands the next weekend and so I decided to go! I joined the Myspace group and added Stephenie as a friend on Myspace. I got to the signing and back then (December 2006) you actually got a chance to talk to Stephenie, but I was so nervous, she was so so nice and signed my books, when I wrote down my name for her, she looked up at me and was like did you just add me on Myspace? Oh my goodness I FREAKED!! She remembered adding me, I stumbled out a reply and chatted for a few more minutes and took a picture! I was definitely Stephenied!

I have a few more, but that one is my favorite!

Ok, upon review that sounds really arrogant!! I'm not cool, just lucky to be in the right place at the right time!! And lucky to meet cool people who help me get into the right places at the right time!
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Post by Talias_a_cullen »

I was Stephenied when i got to meet her!!!!!! AHHHHHH! and not only that but she totally was super nice and great! she even answered my question about Edward sparkling....like if he sparkled everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE lol what can I say teenage hormones= curiosity= questions like that! i was like WOW she was so cool! And she didn't even give me a look about it she just laughed lol oh in case you're wondering she said YES he does sparkle everywhere! XD
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Post by Viry »

I was Stephenied when I met her at a signing...She was signing my book and she told me she liked my shirt (It had a banner I'd made with Henry Cavill and Emily) and she turned to Elizabeth telling her to look at my shirt, then she said that they just loved Henry. Gah, and all I managed to say was thankyou, excitement of meeting her just overtakes you sometimes.
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Post by chica_chilena »

I have been stephenied over the internet. Once I was on at the same time as her. I remember freaking completely out.

And once I got a reply back on a question I sent her. That was just crazy!
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Post by Capuccino »

I've been lucky enough to meet Stephenie at the I love Edward Party in Provo, at Eclipse Prom and again at the I love Jacob Black Party later that night. Thats when Stephenie said she recognized me from looking at my pictures from our trip to Forks!!!

That was AWESOME!!!!! She really is amazingly nice to her fans - we couldnt have asked for a better author!!!
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Post by LaraCullen »

No, I've never been Stephenied :cry: But I'm patient. My chance will come!
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Post by danceswithwolves »

OMG. I have been Stephenied. SO BADLY, Me and my three
WONDERFUL friends went to the SUPER AWESOME book signing in toronto (AHHHHH SHE STEPPED ON CANADIAN SOIL!!!!LOL) and when I went up to get my book signed she started to sign it and the E went funny and she said
" OH GOD my writing is getting worse EVERY day, I am so sorry!"
and I was THINKING
but instead I said:
"ehehe...no Prob-*squeak noise*

-DancesWithWolves AKA WolfSnogger

P.S. I had been PLANNING to say:
"Oh my god, I love the twilight series and by the way, I fully respect and Love the character of jacob black and I hope that more people warm up to him in the future, but nothing could ever function if Bella left Edward."
thats what you get
"to them he looked DANGEROUS"
you know...I'm not usually one for bad boys...but
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Post by I_Love_jakEdward »

fantasma wrote:I haven't been officially "Stephenied" but she did post a few down from me once when I first started here and I was pretty much like this :shock: SHE COMES ON THESE BOARDS!?
That, my friend, is EXACTLY what I said! :lol:
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Post by Cocoa »

I have been Stepheniefied. There have been a couple of times, but the best HAD to be at the signing when she recognized my User name from the Lex. O_o Deer in the headlights...so sad. Alphie was like, she recognized you why didn't you say anything? CAUSE I'M STUPID THAT'S WHY! Oi vey! :roll:
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Post by Amo »

Yup, I've been Stephenied!!
At the Dublin signing, she was being all nice, but I found myself unable to coherently speak! She told me my name was easy to spell, cos some of my friends (same uniform) had been there earlier, and their names are all really long.
I was like "Thanks!" <commence>
I was kicking myself afterwards though!!!
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