Chapter Five: Cheater

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. I wrote it off as just some giant mutated bear running around the forest. I thought nothing of it.

2. I think it was nice of Mike to try and talk to Bella, even if his attempts were clearly futile. But I also felt bad for Mike, because Bella still wasn't talking to him.

3. I thought it was stupid. I would never do that. But I guess if she wanted to hear Edward, it was reasonable.

4. I didn't like her smiling and having a good time with him. I felt like she was forgetting about Edward and moving on. Thats about when I started hating him.

5. I would have refused too.

6. Hmm, not really. I still didn't like him very much.
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1. I kind of guessed as much as that the bear was supernatural, but I didn't bother figuring out what it was.
2. I figured that Mike was already putting the moves on someone else, since Bella probably ignored him for a couple months.
3. I didn't really like the motorcycle idea...but I liked the idea of more Edward!
4. At first I was annoyed, as he was obviously not Edward or something cool ( :lol: ), when I read it again I liked how he was a lot simpler and more innocent than the rest of the main characters.
5. I was caught of guard by Bella not wanting to leave Forks, since Alice would probably see her moving, but I understood her reasoning.
6. I never thought too much about Billy (other than that he was annoying in Twilight) and I wasn't about to start then!

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1) This is the first mention we have of the huge black bear wandering around the forest of Forks. What was your first impression of this information? Did you think it would be as important as it turned out to be?
I figured it was important, but wasn't sure what to make of it.

2) What did you think of Mike in this chapter and his behavior toward Bella? Were you surprised that he wasn't trying to 'make the most' of working alone with her?
I thought that Mike was already lusting over somebody else and not too bothered by Bella.

3) What did you think of Bella's motorcycle plan?
I thought it was a good idea if she wanted to hear Edward, but I also thought it was a good idea if she wanted to end up brain dead. We all know how accident prone she is.

4) When you first saw Jacob through Bella's eyes, what did you think? Did you like him? Did you think he would become as important to her as he did?
I hoped that he wouldn't become as important as he did. I think Jacob is a great character, but he is very eager and that takes away from his attributes.

5) Were you surprised by Bella's complete reluctance to leave Forks or did you suspect it given Edward's minimally lingering presence? Why or why not?
I was not surprised at all by Bella's reluctance. It seems like she found a true home there, whether it was with Edward or not.

6) This is the first time we see Billy without Edward around or the threat of Edward looming. Did your impression of him
change at all from Twilight? Why or why not?
Yes, because he didn't seem to have the need to protect Bella from Edward and the Cullens. It seemed like he was a bit more of a friendly figure.

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