Chapter Four: Waking Up

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. Were you at all surprised by the description Bella gave of the dullness that surrounded her life for the past four months? How did that make you feel?

I wasn't really surprised, considering her panicked reactions in the hospital at the end of Twilight when he talked about leaving. It was very depressing. All through the book, until the part when Edward came back, I was very irritable and depressed, too. My poor family, lol. I tortured them.

2. Did you agree with Charlie that Bella should go and be with her mother again? Why or why not?
I didn't want her to in the book for the same reason she didn't want to leave, but I can easily see Charlie's perspective and I think it was a good choice for him.

3. Bella chose to spend her first attempt at normalcy with Jessica Stanley. Why do you think she chose Jess and not one of her other friends? Do you think Jess was a good choice? How do you think this event impacted their relationship?

I believe that she chose Jessica because she doesn't pay much attention. She mentions later on that Angela is very observant and in-tune to the feelings of others, and Angela and Jessica were her two main female school friends. I've never really liked Jessica much, but I suppose for what she was doing it was a good choice. This is about the point where Jessica stops liking Bella much and Bella says that Jess crossed over to the dark side. Now that Bella's lost much of her popularity with people Jses is trying to impress, this little episode sent Jessica over the edge. At that point in the story, I must say I don't blame her too much, though she could have been more forgiving later.

4. When Bella first heard Edward's voice, did you think it was REALLY his voice or just in her head? What do you think of her solution to hear his voice more often by putting herself in danger?

At first I thought it was real, and I kept waiting for him to pop up or for some sign of him in the shadows or something. His voice was so real, I was quite sure it was actually him in some way. I think it was foolish of her to put herself in danger the way she did, but considering the fact that her life revolved around nothing until then, it gave her something to concentrate on to get out of the numb trance she was in for so long. I guess it turned out well in the end...:)
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