Chapter Twenty-One: Verdict

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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I am still confused on one thing. What is Jane's power? What is so bad about her power that gets Edward upset?
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1. Alice was telling Edward about everything that had happened to Bella since he'd left; what Charlie had told her Bella was like afterwards, about Victoria and Laurent, how Bella was hanging out with werewolves, how her vision had been misconstrued, how Jacob had meant Harry's funeral during the phone call. Probably other, more personal stuff about what Edward had missed while he was off by himself instead of with the family.
2. Aro acts very friendly and interested, when he is really probably trying to use their own thoughts against them and sway them to his side.
3. We don't really know much about Marcus and Caius. I'd say that Aro is probably the scariest because he seems to be the leader of the whole operation and (once he touches you) he knows all of you're secrets and stuff.
4. Aro is obviously less concerned for human life than Edward is. He's really stopped caring that people are...people and sees them as food.
5. I agree that Edward is angrier than Carlisle, he's always been very angsty. I don't agree that Edward has more self control than Carlisle. Carlisle comes in contact with human blood all the time and doesn't even feel repulsed. Plus Edward had his "rebellious times"
6. Still not entirely sure how it works. I guess nothing can penetrate Bella's she has some kind of mind shield or something.
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1. They were probably just conveying information to one another about what they thought they should do and what their chances were. And Alice might have been trying to confirm a few things about what Edward had already done and stuff about the Volturi.

2. He acts all nice and understanding so that his enemies/victims will trust him or at least feel comfortable with him. And when they're all comforted, Aro can get the information he wants, and make his move. It's a very decieving thing to do.

3. I think Marcus and Cauis were just thirsty and really bored. They would have just had Edward, Alice, and Bella killed, not have a nice conversation. Either Marcus or Cauis scared me the most. But it was those long black cloak thingies that really scared me- don't know why.

4. Aro doesn't believe that humans are anything more than his meal. And he's a bad vampire, so he's obviously going to choose the blood.

Edward's lifestyle showed him that he could learn to resist Bella's blood, to be with her. Proved to him that resistance was possible, and that he didn't have to kill this girl that he loved.

5. Edward might've perfected control around one person who has the blood that sings to him, but Carlisle has perfected control around every human. And Carlisle has a clean record. Besides, at the same time, Edward really liked Bella as a person, so those feelings helped him overpower his thirst. Carlisle had no love affecting his control.

6. Umm...I think maybe her brain is just like closed off to outsiders. I don't really have a technical, logical, or medical explanation for it.
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