Chapter Eleven: Cult

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. Bella called and called Jacob to try to find out what was wrong. Do you think it was the right thing for him to try to just ignore her and move on? Or do you think Jacob should have tried to get a message to her sooner?
I don't think it was the right thing for him to do. He knew how much it would hurt Bella. I think that Jacob should have tried to warn her about the situation asap.

2. What was your first impression of the "new" Jacob with his short hair and larger frame? Did you think he was frightening? Di you think he really had Bella's best interest in mind?
I didn't like wasn't the same Jacob. He wasn't frightening, I just think that he wasn't the same sunshine.

3. Billy accuses Bella of leading Jacob on. Bella herself uses the term "breaking up" to refer to the end of her relationship with Jacob. Do you agree with Billy that Bella was playing Jacob, or do you think she was sincere in her feelings?
I think that Bella was playing Jacob a bit, but he also knew that he was the rebound. That she saw him more of as a friend, a comforter.

4. What did you think the sound was tapping at Bella's window at the end of the chapter. Did you think it was Jacob... or Edward... or Victoria... or someone else all together?
I figured it was Jacob.

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1. It was a good idea for Jacob to ignore Bella for a while (if that was his plan). It would have been dangerous to be around her if he couldn't control his phasing (see Emily) and discovering that she was in love with a vampire probably freaked him out. What would Jacob have said in a message to her anyway? It was best to wait until he could handle seeing her.
2. I liked the new Jacob, because he was a werewolf. Human Jacob bored me the first time I read New Moon (actually he still does, but I like him more than werewolf Jacob) and I was glad that he was getting more interesting. Yes, he was kind of scary. He didn't have Bella's best interest in mind, he knew she would be hurt and he knew she wasn't afraid of mythical creatures.
3. She was definitely playing Jacob, hoping he would come back if she pretended to be more interested in him :roll:
4. I didn't know who it was, I wasn't expecting Jacob and I knew that any vampire would be able to sneak in quietly.
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1. Well, obviously Jacob couldn't really tell Bella what was going on, but I do think that he should have called her back and explained to her that its just impossible for them to be friends right now.

2. I thought it was wierd and that he sounded really different looking, which was unexpected. And the shaved head immediately turned me off.

3. I can see how an outsider like Billy would make that assumption. But Bella and Jacob knew what it was really like and that Bella only wanted Jake as a friend at the time. Thats all that really mattered.

4. I didnt really have any guesses as to who it could be. I was too focused with turning the page to read the next chapter and find out. But I was pretty scared.
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