Chapter Eight: Adrenaline

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. I was surprised, but I don't think Bella really had time to notice. She was too happy about hearing Edward's voice again :D
2. I think by now I had figured it out...
3. I didn't have an opinion about them, really. I guess I was too bent on discovering their secret to think about them :lol:
4. Well, I never thought Jake would be able to find it, so I wasn't angry with Bella. Besides, wandering through the forest alone wouldn't have been a good option for her.
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Re: Chapter Eight: Adrenaline

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Alphie wrote:These questions were supplied by Taxi.

1.) I honestly wasn't that surprised at her reaction. But then again, I was focusing intently on Edward like she was.

2.) I had a feeling it would play some kind of role in the book, but I was NOT expecting what really happened.

3.) Honestly, I didn't have much of one. I liked them, but I didn't care too much.

4.) It made me really sad that she was going to go to her and Edward's place with him.
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