Chapter Six - Friends

Our chapter by chapter discussion of New Moon.
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1. The hospitol was definately affected. They probably lost one of their best doctors. *Gasp* Maybe if Carlisle had been there, Harry wouldn't have died from his heart attack! Awwe, poor Harry...

2. I think the dream was telling her that something big was going to happen involving Sam.

3. She was new last year and was nervous and shy. Now she had friends and wasn't expecting to be invisible.

4. I think he believed Jake had everything to do with it. Obviously he didn't know about the visions.

5. I still thought it was just a stupid, giant bear. Nothing more.
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1. Some people were affected...(the new people at the lunch table, the hospital) but not anything major. That's why the Cullens never get too close to humans though, they don't want anyone trying to come looking for them.
2. I can't see it as anything more than foreshadowing and maybe the fact that Bella thinks Sam is suspicious, which Jacob would have agreed with. I've never thought as to why it was that night though *ponders*
3. Bella doesn't want to be invisible because she realizes she can't remain a zombie anymore (it's not fair to Charlie) and I think she knows from hanging out with Jacob that spending time with people will be a good distraction from the pain.
4. Charlie is sort of happy about Bella's change. He seems worried that it's temporary or maybe even forced so that she could stay in Forks. He definitely knows that Jacob is the cause of it because he and Billy gossip a lot :D
5. I knew that bear was special the first time! This only confirmed my suspicions (woot :D ) I was too busy doing a happy dance to think about it more...
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1) Is Bella the only one affected by the Cullens leaving? How has 'nothing changed' in their absence?
I don't think we see too much insight into this. I don't think Bella is the only one affected. I think the Forks community is because they lost some great members. Carlilse ability at the hospital was one that I think was missed. I also think it has affected the people down at La Push as well. I think that their lack of socialization has helped with their absences not being as strongly felt, but I'm sure that it has affected others.

2) Why is the dream different than before? Did Bella's renewed contact with Jacob's family change her perception of Sam Uley? How so and why?
I think it is because Bella has something else in her mind. I think that it is just suspicious about the activities surrounding Jake.

3) Why would Bella not want to be invisible now, when she wanted to be invisible last year?
Because she needs to heal. She wants to heal and be whole again, or as whole as she possibly can be. She needs social interaction to help.

4) How is Charlie affected by this new Bella? Does he perceive how much of it is Jacob's doing?
I think that Charlie is happy to see Bella start to heal. Of course he perceives that a lot of it is Jacob's doing.

5) This is the second mention of the monstrous black bear. Did you realize at this point that there was more to it than that? What did you think was going on? Did you think it would turn into what it did?
I did realize that the black bear was special. Still didn't know exactly what was going on, but I knew there was something.

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